Institutional Analysis of de-risking

Institutional Analysis of de-risking

1.Title Institutional Analysis of de-risking

2. Introduction                      (appr 100 words)

3. Main text                           (maximum 600 words)

4. Conclusion                         (appr. 100 words)

6. List of References              (outside of word count)


Critique these two media articles by comparing their arguments and evaluating their validity against your academic readings.

– Compare the questions that the authors raise

– Compare the approach the authors use (e.g. economic,


– Compare the way they argue (do they want to guide,

convince, question)


media article:1: The West’s de-risking strategy towards China will fail, says Chris Miller – Fletcher Russia and Eurasia Program (


2: Why China ‘de-risking’ brings its own business risks (


Academic reading: Demystifying China’s Critical Minerals Strategies: Rethinking “De-risking” Supply Chains by Weihuan Zhou, Victor Crochet, Haoxue Wang :: SSRN

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