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The prize offering in behaviorism is a really good point to make. I use this with my son a lot to keep his attention on tasks that need to be done around the house, and as a child with ADHD and Autism, this can be a challenge. We have a Chores Board at home that my son follows with tasks, such as reading a book daily for 30 minutes, Spelling words, and other chores around the house. Each time we color in a portion of the Chores Board (its dry erase), he gets a small treat. This treat can be anywhere from going to get ice cream to an extra 30 minutes on his tablet or laptop. When he fills the Board (usually every 2 weeks), he has choices of a new toy that he might want, a day out bowling, etc. His teacher has a morning and afternoon goal set for him in school to help him focus on his work, and so far, it has gone very well. Do you think these are good ideas for keeping a child on task?

Paige C. 

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