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Left breast lump

Name:  Eileen Turner Pt. Encounter Number: 3
Date: 2/16/23Age: 47Sex: Female
CC:  “Left breast lump”  
HPI: 47 y/o female G0P0 presents to the office with 5 week history of a lump in the left breast. Pt reports she initially detected the lump during her monthly SBE. She waited until her next cycle to examine again, and the lump persisted.  The lump is located in the upper outer corner of the breast. She states that nothing makes it better or worse, and she has not had any treatment until now. Denies pain, nipple discharge or recent trauma.  No other associated symptoms. Last mammogram 18 months ago was normal. She has been prescribed COC for 15 years for irregular periods. Family history of breast cancer- pts mother deceased age 49 as a result. She is seeking additional testing and work up.  
Medications: Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estadiol 0.15 mg/0.30mg orally daily for metrorrhagia, HCTZ 25mg daily in AM for HTN  
Allergies: NKA   Medication Intolerances: none reported
Past Medical History: HTN, controlled on HCTZ x 1 year Metrorrhagia controlled on COC     Hospitalizations/Surgeries Tonsillectomy as a child   Preventative Health: Immunizations up to date Screening mammogram 2 years ago BI-RADS Category 2-benign findings, calcifications noted bilaterally. Compliant with meds but does not regularly monitor her blood pressure.    
Family History   Mother: deceased age 49 breast cancer Father: HTN No siblings  
Social History She completed her PhD and is currently employed as an elementary school principal. She lives alone, is not currently in a relationship and has no children. Pt reports she feels safe in her home in a gated community with neighbors whom she is friendly with. Denies tobacco, alcohol or recreational drug use.  
ROS Student to ask each of these questions to the patient: “Have you had any…..”
General Overweight but denies weight change or fatigue.  Cardiovascular Denies.  
Skin Denies.  Respiratory Denies.  
Eyes Wears glasses but otherwise denies. Gastrointestinal Denies.  
Ears Denies. Genitourinary/Gynecological Denies urinary issues. Last PAP 2020, normal. G0, P0 Not sexually active. Takes oral contraception as above. 
Nose/Mouth/Throat Denies.  Musculoskeletal Denies.
Breast Performs monthly SBE. Lump outer corner of left breast as described above. Denies nipple discharge or pain.Neurological Denies.
Heme/Lymph/Endo Denies.Psychiatric Denies. Reports feeling anxious regarding presenting problem.
Weight  5’8”             BMI 26.9Temp 98.3BP 128/74
Height  177lbsPulse 78, regularResp 14
General Appearance Healthy-appearing adult female in no acute distress.
Skin Skin is brown, warm, dry, clean, and intact. No rashes or lesions noted.
HEENT No palpable lymph nodes. Thyroid not palpable. Trachea midline.
Cardiovascular S1, S2 with regular rate and rhythm. No murmurs, gallops or rubs.Pulses 3+ throughout. No edema.
Respiratory Symmetric chest wall. Respirations regular and easy; lungs clear to auscultation bilaterally.
Gastrointestinal BS active in all the four quadrants. Abdomen soft, nontender. No hepatosplenomegaly.
Breast Left breast lump 2cm in diameter, +skin retraction 3 O’clock position, 1cm from nipple. No nipple discharge noted. No tenderness.
Genitourinary Speculum exam performed, cervix without lesions. No visible discharge or blood noted in vaginal vault. Uterus anteverted, mobile and nontender. Adnexa nontender and palpable bilaterally. Digital rectal exam with no mass, good sphincter tone.
Musculoskeletal Full ROM seen in all four extremities as the patient moved about the exam room. No joint pain or tenderness on palpation.
Neurological Alert and oriented x 4. Speech clear. Good tone. Sensation intact.
Psychiatric Alert and oriented with appropriate mood. Judgement intact. Answers questions appropriately.
Lab Tests/Imaging Aerobic culture of the breast-negative Bilateral diagnostic mammogram-BIRADS Category 5-High, suspicion of malignancy Left breast biopsy under ultrasound guidance-Left Ductal Carcinoma in Situ.  
Include at least three differential diagnoses**Breast Abscess**Fibroadenoma**Fibrocystic breast disease**Left breast lump, neoplasticProvide rationale for each differential diagnosisFinal diagnosis—**Left breast ductal carcinoma in situPathophysiology of primary and rationale for choosing as final  
**discontinue oral combined hormonal contraceptive pill (CHC)**follow up in 3 months**refer to breast surgery**refer to genetic counselor**refer to oncology/radiation oncologyMedicationsNon-pharmacological recommendationsDiagnostic testsPatient educationCulture considerationsHealth promotionReferralsFollow up
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