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Lincoln Smith strongly stated that Bible has authority

Response 1

Lincoln Smith strongly stated that Bible has authority. It’s true that based on the available literature and evidence from the bible, the Bible has complete authority as compared to other books written in past and modern history. This is because there is no any other documented book that can explain certain instances e.g. during exodus (Moses time); therefore, it leaves no room for references hence giving it sole authority. The bible is the oldest documented history, and it comprises of so many laws that are used in the contemporary world. It is the source of reference when addressing rules and regulation making it to be authoritative in nature. This teaches me that there is no other book other than the bible that has authority. In addition, I can also understand that the scripture was Godly is inspired.

Lincoln Smith strongly stated that Bible has authority

Response 2

Christopher’s work states that the Bible indeed is God’s word since it is an error free because; It leaves no room for critics to interpret and analysis that some part of the bible is false hence considering the whole bible to be on false assumptions. On the other hand, the bible gives assurance to those who believe the teachings to have benefits of eternity. As a result, no person will question the legitimacy of the Bible, giving it its authoritative power.  However, the only place that it disagrees with him is that the bible only gives righteous information to the people and does not criticise sinners, but encourages them. Thus, it can be stated that the Bible is the only moral and authoritative Book. Christopher’s work is a credible lesson since I know the importance of the Word of God. 

Response 3

    Knapp’s work states that the Bible is the revealed words of God that were written after God’s inspiration.  Inspiration of the Bible was when God breathed His Spirit, the Holy Spirit into the writings of the Bible to show it can be trusted and has authority despite human scribes.  2 Timothy 3:16 says “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. The writers themselves were not inspired however the writings were and through the work of the Holy Spirit, He makes Scripture come alive to its readers in order to change lives. His work has helped know that the bible the strongest book of all ages.

Response 4  

As far as Miller personal beliefs on the infallibility, inspiration, and authority of Scripture, It is true that God created a perfect Word backed by His power and wisdom that is accessible and applicable based on the percussions I have experienced from it in my own and others’ lives. I don’t feel that I hold a blind faith in God’s Word, but I feel that it is worth focusing on the honest truths throughout the Bible and let the Holy Spirit guide my life through the Word. Without having been open and receiving to the Holy Spirit’s influence, the authors never would have been able to hear God’s voice. Based on Miller’s work,  I was able to understand that one should obsess over the inerrancy of scripture simply because, as children of God, who have glimpsed the joy of His Holy Spirit.

Response 5

          Kory’s states that the authority of the Bible originates from God, who is the ultimate authority because there is no power higher than Him.  His word is a reflection of His power, essence and revelation.  Walter Elwell states that the Bible “is the authentic embodiment of God’s self-disclosure” and proves that His word is the real record of His voice to the reader.  We as readers are studying the printed record of God’s voice.  In the light of scripture’s inspiration, the authors of scripture is only vessels God used to scribe His message.  The men acted as a tool in the hand of God like their writing utensils were in their hands.  He used them to articulate a written record of His word. Kory’s work is utmost correct and accurate because it is based only the bible. His example is also valid and just. Kory’s work is credible as it has built my understanding that the Bible is a vessel for success.

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