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Literature Review: Coronavirus Pathogenesis

Literature Review: Coronavirus Pathogenesis

  1. Introduction to Coronavirus

-Description of the virus and the group

-Considered emerging pathogens (Martin-Navas & Weiss, 2004).

-SARS infections

-The Virion-description of the virion (Weiss & Navas-Martin, 2005).

-RNA Genome

-Virus proteins

  • Coronavirus types and Diseases

-Murine Coronaviruses

-Human Coronaviruses

-Porcine Coronavirus

-Bovine Coronavirus

-Feline Coronavirus

Avian Coronavirus

  • The Development and Application of Reverse Genetics Systems

-Full-length [G1] CDNA clones[G2] [G3] 

-The MHV genome systems

  • The Roles of Coronavirus Proteins in Replication and Pathogenesis[G4] 

-Spike Proteins

Nucleocapsid proteins[G5] [G6] 

-Membrane proteins

-Internal protein

-Small envelope protein

-Group specific proteins

-Replicase proteins (Weiss & Navas-Martin, 2005)

  • Mutations of Coronavirus

-Feline Coronaviruses (Licitra et al., 2013).

  • The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)


-Pathogens of SARS


-SARS Vaccine development

-Treatment of SARS

-Middle East Respiratory System Coronavirus-MERS-CoV (Coleman & Frieman, 2013).

  • Coronavirus Vaccine Development


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Martin-Navas, S., & Weiss, R. S. (2004). Coronavirus replication and pathogenesis: Implications for the recent outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the challenge for vaccine development. Journal of Neuro Virology, 10,75-85.

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