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Local Degree Courses and their Relevancy in the Job Market

Local Degree Courses and their Relevancy in the Job Market


The various certified universities in Kenya offer a broad range of degree courses with the sole purpose of equipping students with the much-needed 21st-century skills. The primary public and private Kenyan universities include Nairobi University, Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT), Egerton University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Maseno University, and Nazarene University. The institutions in question only place great emphasis on approved degree and diploma programs to ensure that each graduate remains relevant in the already competitive, volatile, and rapidly changing job market and corporate world. In response, this paper identifies and briefly discusses a number of these degree courses, listing their objectives, entry requirements, suitability in the present-day’s complicated and multifaceted job market.

  1. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (ECDE)

A degree in ECDE serves as the much-needed foundation’s stage for a variety of development needs of individuals. In essence, the various developmental, as well as learning activities are undertaken by children during this stage go a long way in affecting their spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional development. For this reason, ECDE becomes a necessity when it comes to developing and training a healthy and holistic individual.

Objectives. The primary purpose of the course revolves around preparing qualified students into accomplished trainers, change-driven and development-oriented teachers, and competent teachers. Given this aim, the B.Ed. (ECDE) has a variety of specific objectives, including the following:]

  • Promoting student’s knowledge and understanding of a child’s holistic development. The program in question prioritizes mental, self-expression or communication, mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of children.
  • Fostering students’ ability to understand, appreciate, and remain sensitive to culture, health and nutrition, and the environment.
  • Enhancing the students’ learning, as well as teaching skills. In this way, they can identify and address any of the young learners’ development needs.
  • Informing students about the various issues and trends in ECDE teacher education, ethics, and associated research.

Entry Requirements. Individual candidates should have any of the following to qualify for the B.Ed. (ECDE) in the Kenyan universities:

  • Minimum of a C+ in KCSE
  • Minimum of C+ alongside P1 or two years of relevant experience.

Career Paths. B.Ed. (ECDE) graduates have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary different job positions:

  • Childcare center director
  • Preschool teacher. Typically, this group of teachers has far-reaching positive effects on any child’s life since they play a central role in their holistic development. Preschool teacher’s starting salary is Ksh25, 000.
  • Childcare worker
  • Special education teacher
  • Nanny
  • Teacher assistant
  • English language learner teacher.
  • Bachelor of Theology

A concentration in Theology in Kenyan university presents students with the best possible opportunity to extensively and intensively explore religious, as well as Christian experiences. In essence, Bachelor of Theory serves as a focal point through which professionals prepare learners for ministry, law, philosophy, religion, social sciences, and associated disciplines and fields.

Objectives. The primary goals of bachelor in Theology include:

  • Equipping students with skills and knowledge in religious studies
  • Instilling the much-needed behaviors necessary for serving society, religious organizations, the Church, and individuals.
  • Providing a deeper understanding of what constitutes ethics and spirituality.

Entry requirements. An individual who intends to pursue a degree in theology should be in the best possible position to possess any of the following academic qualifications: 

  • Advanced Diploma in related field from a certified or recognized institution
  • A mean grade of C+ in KCSE
  • A pre-university certificate alongside a minimum of C in KCSE.

Career opportunities. Bachelor of Theology is a relevant course since graduates can work and earn a living as:

  • Teachers
  • Non-profit workers
  • Counselors
  • Writers
  • Social workers
  • Ethicists
  • Historians
  • Journalists
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