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Management Communication

Management Communication


Join a ClubMom group (or start your own) to get support, information, and thought-provoking opinions from other moms on a wide variety of subjects, from pregnancy to schooling to religion

This is because it emphasizes on the customer rather than the organization. Moreover, the needs and challenges of the customers are taken care of. The message is also written in “you” point of view which emphasize on the customer’s interest and attracts attention.

Management Communication

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Because the sentence is brief and seems to conclude all the features of CafeMom meticulously. The statement is easy to master and is very attractive to moms who may be interested. The message is really compelling and it highlights the overall benefits of CafeMom.

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This is because the sentence directly touches on individual privacy and data security. The word “personal privacy” is easy to see from the sentence yet it is the most important information as far as online users are concerned.


This sentence indicates that joining CafeMom is for free thus informing and attracting many mothers to join it. Also, the sentence indicates some of the benefits that can be accrued by signing up for CafeMom. It further makes CaféMom a unique and super account compared to others.

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This message is very important as it attempts to address technical problems faced by a customer. The customer clearly points out at the problems which is the multimedia PC display that was sold by TechStar computing. He also complains about failure to test the equipment by the business before delivering it. This is very genuine and common message that any customer who has undergone similar suffering can write. However, it has some weaknesses which make it not look like a business message but rather a friendly message.

The message for adjustment is very important in addressing a problem with a product. The message should always be very brief and to the point. It should not include too much unnecessary information that does not interest the business entity concerned. It should always be precise and straight to the point. For instance the fact that the multimedia drives the customer crazy is not necessary in this letter. Part of the message that reads ‘this reminds me of every time I buy electronic equipment from what seems like any company” sounds rather abusive rather than pointing out at the main problem with the computer PC.


To Hinkley

Even after raising complaints regarding failure of my phone to receive incoming calls in September 15th, still there is absolutely nothing you have done to rectify the account which I have already paid for. I therefore write to ask for adjustment to my account. The malfunction has really interfered with my communication.

I acquired the new phone on September 15 from your company where we agreed to a $49 monthly fee. Since then I have not had any incoming calls. However, a technician told me that my incoming calls were routed to an inactive number when I called your company on September 30th.  It is barely two weeks since the technician discovered the problem yet nothing has been done.

I have been paying the service I do not receive and this is really hurting. I therefore need my account to be adjusted so that I do not pay for the days I did not use the services. I have not used the service as from September 15th to October 20th. As you can see, if those days are charged, I shall have lost a lot of money. You may call me at ext. 2445 in case there is any clarification you may need from me.

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