Management TED Talk Analysis

Management TED Talk Analysis


You can learn a great deal from how others deliver their content. By observing other presenters, you can determine what works and what doesn’t; what makes an effective presentation; or what makes an ineffective presentation. You can compare and contrast different presentation styles to see which one speaks to you.

In this assignment, you will focus on successful presentations and review professional talks related to your own interests. What makes them effective and inspiring? Think about the elements of communication exhibited by each presenter and in each presentation. How are they similar? How are they different? From this research, you will be able to create a personal list of best practices to implement in your own creative presentation.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and is a platform that offers a wide range of ideas worth spreading to the world. Their presentations are short, powerful and are presented by interesting people from all around the world. It’s the perfect place to gain inspiration! You can access the TED Talks website by clicking on this hyperlink.



You will create a document showcasing your analysis of two TED talks and presenting a list of 10 qualities, techniques and/or presentation skills that made the presentations you watched inspiring, captivating, creative and effective (from your own perspective). The document should include an analysis and images for each TED Talk.


                                                               STEP 1

Research and watch two (2) different presenters from TED Talks ( to answer the question, “What makes a presentation effective, creative, captivating, and/or inspiring?” You can choose any TED Talk you want, paying special attention to how the message is crafted and communicated.

The prompts below will serve as the basis for your assignment outlined in Step 2. Take notes while you watch. Focus on the speaker’s public-speaking skills, as well as the actual presentation materials (slide design, props, visuals, etc.).

  • Why was this presentation powerful or moving?
  • Why did you like this presentation? Was it the content alone, or was it how the speaker delivered the content?
  • What made the content appealing? What made it relatable?
  • How did the speaker draw you in to care about the subject/topic?
  • What did you get out of the presentation that you would not have experienced reading an article about the topic?
  • What kinds of emotions did the presenter elicit? How did they do this?

Now that you have analyzed each TED Talk, let’s move to Step 2 of the assignment.


                                                               STEP 2

Create a document for this assignment and include four (4) supporting images. Using the questions outlined in Step 1 as a guide, type your analysis of each of the TED Talks you watched. Each analysis should include specific examples, explain what worked and what did not.

Free-Use Photo Resources:

Now that you have created a document with supporting images, let’s move on to Step 3.


                                                              STEP 3

Conclude your assignment with one detailed comprehensive list of ten (10) qualities, techniques, and/or skills that made the presentations you watched inspiring, captivating, creative, and effective (from your own perspective).

Provide specific examples from the presentations to support your claim and explain why these elements contributed to a powerful presentation. How are these similar or different from what you have read? Consider the practices that were common among the speakers in all of the videos you watched.


                                            SUBMISSION CHECKLIST

The 1.4 TED Talk Analysis submission should include the following:

  1. One typed analysis for each TED Talk
  2. Four (4) supporting images
  3. List of ten (10) total qualities with supporting detail


                                                              TED LINKS

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