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The term “memo” traces its roots back to the mid-15th century Roman Empire. In Latin, ” memorandum ” means “something to be remembered.” In this respect, a Latin speaker will describe it as follows: “neuter singular of memorandums,” suggesting a thing worthy of remembrance.

Memo Writing Services
Memo Writing Services

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Memo Writing Services

Therefore, a memo communicates wide-ranging official business and related organizational activities, including policy change, procedures, and processes. A memorandum often assumes the form of mass communication because it is written in a way that broadcasts the message to a target audience. In other words, it is a kind of one-to-all perspective communication instead of interpersonal or face-to-face written communication. Thus, memos are fundamental in updating teams on project progress and informing specific groups of events, observances, or planned actions.

A recently published article emphasized the core purpose, arguing that while it informs, some companies and individuals use it to persuade their audiences by including aspects of a call to action.

Equally important, you must have recognized that companies worldwide have various formal and informal communication platforms. Usually, the unofficial communication channels, commonly known as the grapevine, are characterized by innuendo, rumor, gossip, and other forms of insidious workplace violence or conflicts. In other words, these informal networks create a favorable environment for individuals to spread false or unverified information across the organization. This is more likely to bring discord, suspicion, and a lack of motivation. For example, one employee may have heard about the possibility of their firm’s closure and start passing this unofficial news around.

What do you do in the event of fake news or the organization’s planned changes? This is where memoranda come in handy. A memo helps you to clarify all issues for everyone, thus addressing informal speculation. In this context, we can say that a memo can be an effective tool for conflict resolution.

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How to Compose a Memo

A memo is a kind of business correspondence. For this reason, it should be as short, concise, and direct as possible. Your target audience should be well-positioned to read and understand it easily. In this respect, you should follow specific steps to create a perfect memo for your employees, union members, project teams, and other groups.

First, think carefully and critically about the intended message, including how you will say it briefly and transparently. While this brainstorming endeavor or process can consume considerable amounts of your time, it is essential because people often have short attention spans. They should be able to read it quickly and get the message.

Second, revise the content of your memo as if it were a term paper or any other assignment. At Nursing Writing, we understand that your first memo draft may lack the much-needed conciseness, clarity, and objectivity. So, we recommend you read it two or three times loudly or ask someone else, such as a workmate, to read it and potentially make relevant changes if necessary.

Finally, ensure that your memo’s subjects are identified or defined. You can choose a representative term or phrase to inform the reader about its content.

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Memo Formatting

Although there is no one-size-fit-it-all format for memo writing, you should note the following:

  • The memo’s title should be “MEMO” or “MEMORANDUM.”
  • First, the page of your memo should have one-inch margins
  • The fonts should be professional, primarily black color.
  • The body should be single-spaced. Unlike essays or research papers, there should be two spaces between your memo paragraphs.
  • The sender section should start with “FROM:” This should be followed by their complete names or initials.
  • The recipient’s line follows the sender’s. Here, we use “TO:” followed by complete names, initials, or first names.
  • You should not add any greetings.
  • Note: if your memo is more than one page, ensure the next pages have subsequent page headers capturing the recipient, date, and page number).
  • Finally, your organization or professor may provide a specific memo template. If not, consider using the pre-made template we have presented below.
MEMO TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT:   Introduction (1-2 sentences about the memo’s purpose)     Background of Problem (provide the context of the issue at hand in 1 or 2 short paragraphs)     Implications of Problem (explain why the issue is significant and requires immediate action)     Conclusion/Recommendations (reiterate the issue’s significance and provide suggestions on what should be done to address it)    

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Memo Writing Services: Memo Tone

Our professors have mastered incorporating all linguistic or literary devices, including tone. Nursing Writing Help understands that word choice plays a fundamental role in influencing how we communicate. For instance, we are past producing plain speeches except for high school students upon request. We know when to use declarative and command verbs, 10-cent words, simple and complex sentences, and compound and complex sentences.

Let’s emphasize what we said earlier about the memo’s purpose: to inform, persuade, or pass around new information. Having recognized and internalized this, you must prioritize specificity, objectivity, and comprehensiveness. In other words, provide detailed, comprehensive, and specific details on the topic. However, you must avoid unnecessary items because your readers may not necessarily pay close attention to excessive details because they are time-consuming, unclear, and confusing. Your audience must not feel that your memo is designed to insult their intelligence.

At Nursing Writing Help, we specialize in helping you make informed decisions regarding the most appropriate content, style, language, and tone to include in your memo. We will guide you and produce a memo that appeals to your audience’s context, culture, and mood. Thus, after reading this article, we trust that you are well-equipped to write your memorandum if asked. Alternatively, Nursing Writing Help professors are on standby 24/7 to develop and fine-tune a killer memo on your behalf. These professionals are limitless in producing the perfect memos for internships, classes, and companies/corporations.

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