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Men’s Health, Health Disparities, Healthcare Utilization, Awareness, Personal Health


Objective/Introduction: The representatives at MiOra express interest in spreading awareness of men’s health within the United States. This study aims to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and awareness of adult men residing in the United States regarding their health and utilization of healthcare services. Researchers aim to gain insights into the diverse range of men’s perspectives on personal health, healthcare behaviors, and the use of resources. Neglecting preventative care hinders early identification of potential health issues and financial concerns that can lead to the delay in seeking healthcare services. 

Methods: MiOra investigators developed a Google Forms survey with open-ended and multiple-choice questions translated into English and Spanish. Health ambassadors conducted research outreach both face-to-face and virtually to 254 adult men. Data was collected on US adult men’s demographics, perception of health, and behaviors toward healthcare utilization. Data will be analyzed by calculating chi-square analysis, frequencies, and percentages.


Conclusions: The purpose of surveying the male population in the US is to collect information about their knowledge and awareness of personal health. MiOra’s survey also examines healthcare utilization and financial status as factors that can heavily impact men’s health. Other factors such as marital status, employment status, and zip code can affect men’s personal health perception and whether they will take the initiative to prevent health concerns. This data allows MiOra to address disparities and create possible intervention policies to address health concerns in underrepresented male populations. 

Keywords: Men’s Health, Health Disparities, Healthcare Utilization, Awareness, Personal Health

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