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Focus on the clinical manifestations and pathogenesis of MPX. What is known about the origins of the virus that causes this neglected zoonotic disease and how does MPXV relate to other “pox” viruses, such as smallpox? Where is it endemic and are there any differences in the virus that caused the current outbreak in non-endemic regions? You should discuss how the disease progresses in general and high-risk populations and what that might mean in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and spread prevention.

Format: 5-6 pages long (max 1800 words); double-spaced; 1-inch margins; 12 pt Times. Your paper can refer to any assigned course content (required/recommended readings (e.g., papers, textbook), references provided on slides) or additional references you find on your own. Please do not reference lecture slides. We require a reference list and in-text citations in Vancouver style

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