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Target Customers

Nintendo Switch is a video game system, and thus, will target individuals who are conversant with video games and modern technological advancements. The brand will target both youths and young adults.

Age Bracket: The brand will primarily target youths and young adults. The brand will mainly focus on children between the ages of 14 and 24 and young adults between the ages of 24 and 39.

Gender: The game brand will target both males and females who enjoy gaming. However, the contemporary world focuses on boys as the gender that prefer gaming more than girls; thus, the brand will target males more.

Income Bracket: The brand will primarily seek to target all people irrespective of their age bracket. However, the game will look at individuals who can consume luxurious products, and thus targeting the middle class and the upper class.

Education Level: People with a primary education can be able to maneuver through the brand. The brand will entail different games, whereby distinct people can find the most appropriate match concerning their educational achievements.

Lifestyle: The brand appeals to people who enjoy playing video games indoors or with their friends. Notably, it offers people a distinct platform to spend time playing games online.

Values: The brand seeks to impress individuals who enjoy gaming. Also, these individuals may prefer spending time alone, thereby will relish the incentives offered by the brand.

How the Company Reaches its Customers

The company actualizes technological advancements to reach its customers. For starters, the company uses different social media platforms such as Facebook for marketing its products. The brand seeks to reach youths and young adults, thereby utilizing these online platforms. Also, the company actualizes the mass media to sell its products while reaching a vast clientele base. The brand should continue achieving technological advancements by reaching its clients through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because a lot of the target clients are on these platforms.

Incentives to Grab the Customers’ Attention

The brand can actualize offers, whereby the customers who trade with the company get bonuses or offers on some products. The feat may entail the clients getting free games or winning prices. The achievement will motivate more individuals to compete. The brand can further use advertising and marketing incentives to reach a more extensive clientele base. The effort may entail various marketing measures.

What the Customers Value

The customers value the lifestyle that the brand seeks to offer. The company aims to give people a chance out of their healthy lives where they can concentrate on something fun. Thus, the clients value the quality of the games and the thrill they offer. Importantly, they value these items because diverse individuals are always looking for a way to have a more fulfilling life.


Play Station: Play station 4 is one of the most popular gaming brands in the contemporary world, which offers numerous virtual games. Play Station deals with quality games and appeals to the same age bracket as Nintendo.

Xbox: Like Play Station, Xbox offers quality video games such as FIFA, which appeal to many youths around the world.

Electronic Arts: Electronic Arts entails the firm responsible for developing popular games such as FIFA 20. The brand competes with numerous companies and appeals to young people and old adults.

Product Category

The brand fits into the entertainment category as it primarily deals with gaming. I have placed this brand in this category because it deals with giving individuals a chance to enjoy their time. Importantly, it appeals to customers through its various games. Gaming is a form of entertainment that seeks to help people through their days.

Frame of Reference

Customers will primarily look at the quality of the brand’s product. Also, the customers will compare the cost of the brand in comparison to other brands such as Play Station. The company provides video games, so clients will look at other firms with similar products and determine the most appropriate. The customers will choose this brand due to its high quality or applicable prices.

Unique Selling Proposition

The brand is unique because it offers numerous games, updating their profile by the year. The company manages to provide quality animated games, thereby underlining its unique selling proposition. Also, the firm offers both online and offline games, thus appealing to a broad clientele base. Importantly, Nintendo seeks to appeal to a diverse clientele base.

Competitive Advantage: The Company deals with different games, thereby appealing to numerous clients. The firm also offers its products at lower prices in comparison to its competitors, such as Play Station. The use of multiple products and appropriate prices ensures the firm remains ahead of its competitors. The brand understands its position in the market, and thus, uses various products to appeal to numerous individuals.

Beneficial Attributes: The quality of its products helps the brand remain relevant. Also, the firm offers quality gaming products. Some of the competitors specialize in one game, such as FIFA. However, Nintendo deals with numerous games, thereby making it the right brand for a diverse clientele base.

New Unique Selling Proposition: The Company will seek its position in the market to appeal to a broad clientele base continually. Therefore, it will offer different products at appropriate prices. The decision to use this approach is to ensure that it looks after the needs of all people irrespective of their distinctions.

Positioning Statement and Motto

Positioning Statement: The brand for appealing to a gaming generation through quality and up to date games.

Defense/Justification of Positioning Statement Creation: The creation of the positioning statement seeks to outline the importance of quality while accommodating continuous changes in the current world. Therefore, the report aims to describe how the brand aims to revolutionize gaming. Importantly, the positioning statement outlines where the brand stands and how it intends to appeal to its clients.

Newly Created Motto: Nintendo is the overall gaming system for an exhilarating experience.

Defense/Justification of Motto Creation: The development of the new motto seeks to outline the brand as a luxurious brand that helps people find vast ways to enjoy life. Thus, the motto shows what Nintendo seeks to achieve. The newly created motto outlines the overall gaming system and how it intends to revolutionize the gaming world by providing exciting and exhilarating experiences.

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