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Nursing Issue to Debate

Nursing Issue to Debate.
Selected topics should be relevant to the nursing profession, and both sides of the argument clearly and equally presented.
A list of scholarly/academic references utilized to construct the debate must be turned in with APA formatting.


Due to logistical challenges, this forum will be conducted in written format (not live).
Please use APA 7th edition when writing your topic.
Title Page
Pro Stance Related to the argument
Con Stance Related to the argument
You will discuss the arguments of the affirmative present in support of the resolution.
You will discuss the arguments of the opposition opposing the resolution.
The affirmative presents the rebuttal attempting to defend the affirmative arguments and defeat the supporting arguments without adding new information.
PLEASE be well-versed (Research the chosen topic and post references). Present a topic you are familiar with based on this course or your experiences.
Lack of participation will result in the failure of this assignment.

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