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Like few successful firms today, we started this academic writing journey as a small-scale experiment designed to offer an alternative to normal custom-written essays. We identified a market niche to fulfill: engaging accredited professors to deliver the right content to college students worldwide; what we produced comprised a combination of well-researched, world’s best, and winning essays. Our highly-educated writers incorporated unique writing aspects, including aspects of humour and up-to-date sources, to beat the competition. While our team knows wide-ranging things about writing perfect and top-notch essays, it does not only write them – its members are well-equipped to teach them. Thus, we utilize this article primarily to spout the much-needed hard wisdom and knowledge regarding the A+ essay, dissertation, thesis, research paper, and resume writing processes.

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Research Papers

Nursing Writing Help provides quality custom research paper writing services to high school students and learners in higher learning institutions. We do not only prioritize the best essay writing service; the company is considerate of your pocket, suggesting why these customized research papers come at affordable prices. Unlike our competitors, real postgraduates, primarily part-time, unemployed, and full-time professors, handle your assignments. These professionals have mastered the art of sustained success because they properly structure your research papers, exercise control over the editing process, and provide error-free and non-plagiarized content. Our professional help captures and addresses all writing concerns and needs, whether for general essays, admissions essays, research papers, theses, or case study development.

We know the subtle differences between research papers and essays at Nursing Writing Help. Our understanding of these critical aspects of academic writing is drawn from several years of experience teaching about virtual kinds of papers. Perhaps our writers are better in these areas than your current professor. So you can trust us with your assignment. Our homework assignment writing help does not compromise on quality, timely delivery, and originality because that’s your desired grade.

Let’s talk about what differentiates a custom research paper from an essay. The latter is primarily a form of self-directed writing, while the former involves extensive research, suggesting it is more of a complex undertaking. A research paper will require the student to collect, analyze (data analysis methods), present, and potentially report raw data. As you have learned in class, we have two major types of research data: quantitative and qualitative. Therefore, the difference between a custom research paper and a custom research paper is the process involved in producing the final product: self-directed writing and active research. Both essays and research papers must be supported with evidence-based research, including relevant in-text citations and properly referenced sources.

Dissertations/Thesis Writing

In our previous student articles, we attempted to highlight the key differences between a thesis and a dissertation. However, we emphasized a thin or blurred line between dissertations and theses because they are long and require extensive research.

Let’s focus on the dissertation for today. We’ll surely publish a detailed article on a thesis in our next article. A dissertation encompasses a long-form essay. In particular, some dissertations can be a book long. The primary purpose is to contribute to the literature or knowledge in a specific discipline/field. 

At Nursing Writing Help, we have learned that dissertations are largely associated with doctoral and master’s degrees. However, this does not necessarily suggest that other professional degrees do not require dissertations. Most importantly, our tutors and tried and tested writers recently concluded that a dissertation is the academic achievement’s peak or apex because it is a complex, complicated, and multifaceted form of academic writing.

The dissertation’s most UNIQUE feature is that its thesis statement and results or findings must align with the extant literature. Besides grounding the results and theses on available research, the other fundamental aspect of well-written dissertations is that they must produce novel contributions to these extant studies by answering specific research questions. Consequently, we advise you to consult your supervisory committee, professor, and supervisor before settling on a dissertation topic and thesis statement.

We understand that the greatest issue and challenge associated with this initial and cumbersome process involves the uniqueness of your research topic. In other words, your dissertation topic must never be the same as those published before it. If another researcher has already written their dissertation by following the same angle as yours, you would have done zero work.

A dissertation must be written to answer an important research question designed to contribute to a field of study significantly. In this respect, we urge our custom essay customers to engage us to help them decide on a perfect topic. With this assurance, we allow you to work on a distinct dissertation topic without necessarily repeating what other people have done before.

After that, you should also agree on the most appropriate format for your dissertation. An example of dissertation versus thesis format has been provided in this video and captured in the image below.

Looking at our Nursing Writing Help page, we hope you will acknowledge and appreciate the significance of perfect essay and dissertation writing because they define the epitome and essence of excellence and authenticity in academia. Contact us for informed dissertation topics and excellent writing services in this respect. We do not move with the crowd. We focus on providing stronger value propositions to our esteemed customers.

Therefore, step no further and trust our writers to write your dissertation. We have produced more than 71 full dissertations in the past two years. The most rewarding aspect of our work is that all these dissertations received unanimous approval from the select committees. What are you waiting for? Try Nursing Writing Help now and see the magic-like results regarding your academic performance. We are here 24/7 a week on your behalf.