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Of all the research designs discussed in this course, which design is best suited to address your problem statement and research questions?



Of all the research designs discussed in this course, which design is best suited to address your problem statement and research questions? Explain. Why are the other designs addressed in this course not as well suited to address your proposed problem statement and research questions? Defend your position.

Of all the research designs discussed in this course, which design is best suited to address your problem statement and research questions?


STUDENT 1 – Juan

Throughout the course I have learned there are resources to help me design my dissertation; moreover, within each design there are critical elements required to offer a trustworthy exploration for the problem statement. Thus far, best deign to use for my research study is phenomenology study, Grand Canyon University (2020), describes this design is to explore the essences of human experiences, therefore, how abusive, or negative leadership relate towards i.e. leadership practices in a tall organization structure which could result in employee’s intent to leave. Leadership I am exploring is the chain of command that is formed many ranks, aka in multiple layers (Ghiselli, 1972). In this exploration is leadership, therefore, interviews with employee participants would be designed to ask questions of their current leadership experience to draw out trends of poor performing leaders. According to Polkinghorne (2005), purposive participant selection is aimed to get the richness of perspectives of the participants. Moreover, an organization is shaped by leadership. The empirical articles inform research on countries that contingent upon leadership and findings. Equally important is to further investigate relation of practices of leadership in federal government healthcare organizations (Zubair, 2016).

Ghiselli, E. E., & Siegel, J. P. (1972). Leadership and Mdvsanagerial Success in Tall and Flat Organization

Structures. Personnel Psychology25(4), 617–624.

Grand Canyon University. (2020). Core GCU qualitative designs. Author.

STUDENT 2 – Heather

The problem statement and research question seem to fit best with the phenomenological design. The factors explored in the proposed study are African American first-generation students’ experiences during the first year of college, the emotional barriers to engagement they may experience during the first year of online classes, and the influence of self-determination. Phenomenological inquiry is designed to explore the lived experiences of individuals in particular situations and allows the researcher to understand the phenomenon from the individual’s point of view (Mohajan, 2020). The best way for a researcher to find out what meaning the student gives to their experience is through in-depth, semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions that focus on how the student sees the lived experience. The other qualitative research designs do not address the problem statement or research questions. The narrative design, for example, focuses on the stories being told by only one participant and allows the researcher to chronologically retell their story while applying symbolic meaning to the phenomenon. While a grounded theory design focuses on the process of the phenomenon and seeks to advance a theory or a model by using multiple stages of data collection and various sources (Bouncken, 2020). Lastly, as in Tahat (2020) research, a case study design focuses on bringing attention to a specific issue and uses triangulation to produce a holistic account of the phenomenon. Researchers have to determine the problem and the purpose of their research in order to best determine how they want to approach the research process and what design would best help them accomplish that.


Bouncken, R. B., Qiu, Y., Sinkovics, N., & Kürsten, W. (2021). Qualitative research: Extending the range with flexible pattern matching. Review of Managerial Science, 15(2), 251–273.


Good day, 

From all the studies we have reviewed I am bias towards qualitative research and I feel it is the best methods for the research I am interested in conducting because of the problem statement and research questions as it is listed (Blaikie, 2018). A qualitative study offers a rich insight on participants experiences that can vary based on their life during that period of what the study is seeking (Basnyat & Lao, 2020). The time frame is specific, and the demographic varies yet the rationale may have common denominators that is not unique nor a phenomenon but rather focused on a feeling that many people experienced during the pandemic. This I also feel can not be a case study because of the number of cases that would need to be reviewed (Cormac, Per, & Matilda, 2019). The study would need to be managed in a different way. Also, research creates the opportunity for more research to be born. By this The Research itself can become a case study or a phenomenon however, for the root it would need to be qualitative in the study. Thank you.

Very truly, 

Fanny Gerloven Chico


Basnyat, S., & Lao, S. C. (2020). Employees’ perceptions on the relationship between human resource management practices and employee turnover: A qualitative study. Employee Relations,, 42(2), 453–470.

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