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Organization-  Compassion International was founded in 1952.  

Organization-  Compassion International was founded in 1952.  


Your Final Case Study will discuss and analyze your organization from a sociological perspective.

10 pages:  

  • Describes the formal structure of your organization. Examine the extent of specialization, formalization, and centralization. For example, you may address some of the following aspects: What is the organizational structure? (at least 2 pages)
  • Identifies and discuss the organization’s culture (jargon, rituals, distinguishing characteristics)? (at least 2 pages)
  • Discusses organizational leadership.  For example, who are the leaders – authority figures? What is the  decision-making process? Has there ever been a power-struggle in your  organization? Has it been considered to be a “good” employer to work  for? (at least 2 pages)
  • Identifies the most critical elements of its environment? (at least 2 pages)
  • Reflection- if you were CEO and could change three things about the organization, what might they be and why? (at least 2 pages)
  • Apply at least 4 social concepts and 2 social theories, integrating sources
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