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Personal Experiences

Personal Experiences

During my study at NC A & T International State University for Business Development Program, I became interested in the culture enrichment program which allows students to work closely with international fortune companies as well as conducting self-designed research. After undertaking the course, I was interested in engaging in programs that are aspiring to healthcare and also which have strong interests in the policy formation, diplomacy, regulation, and compliance. I was motivated to undertake the program by my grandmother who was a registered nurse and undertook different works that included various programs and diversity which have contributed to bringing to various achievements.

Further enrolled for Bachelor’s degree at North Carolina State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political science and history. The degree in political science has enabled me to develop interests in global issues such as human rights. Further, I gained relevant skills and experiences to create programs such as Global Institute of Human rights which was hosted at Pennsylvania Law School and Arps Slate, Skadden, Meagher & Form LPP.  I also have developed foundation for Bioethics program presented at Yale University, the PPIA Public Service Weekend and Legal Scholars Program. The programs have granted me the opportunity to meet notable people who have had a great impact on my life and transformed my world. The program has further pushed and motivated me to think outside the comfort zone and focus on great projects.

The Author of “My leap year” describes the   ‘informed consent in prison populations’ through UNESCO at the 13th world conference for medical ethics, bioethics and health law.  Also, the author for ‘platform of action on issues surrounding high rates of global imprisonment’ is featured at the global institute of human rights. The authors reflect my desires of budding healthcare which is an important aspect of continuation in building a strong foundation.  My contribution has been recognized on global perspective through an ‘Informed Consent in Prison populations’ at Fulbright Conference at Puebla Mexico in 2018.  The research further reflected my ability I handing adversity among people and how people can welcome different parts of work. Moreso, attending the conferences has granted me an amazing experience, and this has motivated me in focusing on my ambitions.   Most of my life, I have respected my grandmother for her intelligence, power to control and for being worldly as virtues that granted me the opportunity to understand and learn about the basics of life. 

My experiences are based on professional experiences in public health as well as various apprenticeships. From Cone Health-Anne Penn Hospital at Rockingham, I contributed on a better understanding of legal ethics, compliance, public health issues. Also, the experiences have exposed me to different corporate environments that include contract reviewing, marketing, public relations, security, privacy and compliance with the management department. As a clinical laboratory assistant at Rockingham, I gained experiences in labelling and recording specimens, maintaining and cleaning work area, supplies, and lab equipment.  Being an intern at the judiciary, I gained experience in reviewing and handling of case files that include motions, complaints, and summons. Also, I gained skills in drafting invoices, preparing budgets and paying expenses.  The experiences shape my future ambitions, especially in preparation of medical ethics, UNESCO bioethics and Health law conference. I am further planning to use the platforms in increasing awareness of the glaring inadequacy of regulations in regards to the prevalent use of female prison populations.

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