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Personal Response on ‘Consider the Lobster’

Personal Response on ‘Consider the Lobster’

The article by Wallace clearly outlines the concern in the swift change in the interest of lobster, once considered a food for the poor and institutionalized. However, the contemporary world has witnessed drastic interest in lobster underlined by the famous Lobster Festival in Maine (Wallace 50). The article uses a clear outline to describe the current concerns: Notably, people fail to consider the impact of the lobster festival on the creatures while the rising interest in their consumption can prove threatening to this species. Wallace (56) offers crucial insight on his thoughts about lobsters acknowledging that they are considered as summer foods. However, the concern arises from various issues such as the fact that lobsters should be alive when being put in the kettle. Therefore, the article uses a unique and yet clear approach in outlining the main issue.

The author slowly creates a path before getting to the article’s central theme. The author starts by describing lobsters and what they entail before asking whether boiling a sentient creature alive is okay to offer people the gustatory pleasure (Wallace 60). Importantly, the author develops a practical approach to keep the readers entertained and offers them crucial information about what he intends to talk about before eventually pointing out the main issue. Conclusively, the article remains on topic while relating to realistic things such as outlining the process of watching the lobsters being piled over each other before they are inhumanly boiled. All in all, the author presents an engaging piece on an issue that will have diverse thoughts as numerous people appreciate the festivals.

Work Cited

Wallace, David. Consider the Lobster. Gourmet, 2004, pp. 50-64.

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