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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Personal Statement

When I was 15 years old, my mother told me that compassion is the highest virtue that I could possess. The statement influenced my perception towards legal issues as it implied that I was able to engage in endeavors inclined towards resolving the legal challenges. I advanced my teenage passion for progressing social wellbeing through continuous research and attendance of workshops as well as conferences while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. Therefore, I have been able to discern the complex and dynamic issues that characterize the social component in a given societal setting.  Having grown up in an urban business set up, landing a part-time job at different companies was not a big hustle after completing high school. My duties were usually the basics since I did not yet have professional skills; however, at times we had to work till late when the season was good for business. I started working as an assistant salesperson, but my responsibilities grew over time because I was quick to grasp how to make cash-flow statements and within a short time I learnt how to draft income statements as well. 

I started working at Southwestern Bell as a receptionist.  Here, I met a woman who offered me her couch for 300.00 a month. She was an adjuster at Geico, so she referred me to Geico. And although I did not have a college degree, I always had the ability to open my mouth and influence. Fortunately, I was able to be hired making a 30,000 a year. I began to craft my skills; I took every skills class one could imagine. Having my sales license wasn’t good enough; I need every insurance license available to me, so I pursued Group 1 and adjuster. In 2000 I joined Community College but never quit my job. My academic careers is beyond just earning credits but I earned many victories and losses outside of school such as marriage, divorce, moving to 3 different states, moving into 11 different apartments, buying two houses, working at some of the world’s largest organizations, starting my own business from scratch with no employees to over 300 employees and being recognized twice by INSERT CITY HERE Business Journal. As I was pursuing my degree in business at the Community College, I also same time a County Volunteer County, Civil and Appellate Mediator, and served on some of the most influential boards in INSERT CITY HERE

Importantly, I represented myself pro-say against Auto Zone and won. My paternal grandfather who so impressed with how I won my case against Auto Zone, represented myself pro said in my Divorce and saw all of the media attention I was generating that during his hospital stay that he expected to recover from he promised to pay for law school. He couldn’t talk due to the track in his neck, but he wrote it down on paper, he wrote down ‘Law School?’ I said yes “Papa, but I can’t afford it.” He then wrote down, “I will pay for it.”   I have achieved the following in life: Author of political fiction short story ; Cadillac Community Influencer Award ; INSERT CITY HERE  Business Journal ‘Women who mean business’ award ; over 15 years of management in Americans largest privately held companies ; Mom, business public speaker, and survivor, and past experience hosting my own TV and radio program 

I have strengths in various aspects regarding legal components. I can engage in effective communication with other people. The ability to initiate and maintain conversations is an element that can ensure that I can advance social elements. Further, I possess capabilities to apply decision making skills and solve issues that affect people in the society. Therefore, I can engage in advocating for the enactment of facilitative measures. However, I have a weakness of being impatient in elements that take an extended period before the objectives are realized. As a goal oriented person, I tend to prefer in achieving goals of an action within a specified timeframe. Therefore, this is a weakness as the interaction with an activity that is dynamic regarding time frame could pose a significant challenge. 

In conclusion, my interest in study law is an aspect that has been inculcated in my behavior since I was a teenager. Further, I have a vocation for using social justice to alleviate the social challenges faced by different groups in society. (INSERT THE NAME OF THE INSTITUTION) is the appropriate platform to nurture my vocation. Thus, it will ensure that I am to realize my professional goals and enact the required changes. My final wish to study in your institution is because of the high reputation you have earned in producing most of the brilliant minds in the corporate realm, talking with them assured me not to waver on this choice. I look forward to being granted an opportunity to continue my studies in your institution



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