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Persuasive Outline

Persuasive Outline

Recommendation Presentation                                                  Name: 


General Purpose:  To persuade the board of Global Mind to partner with the One Tree Planted Philanthropy. 


Specific Purpose:  As a result of this presentation my audience will be aware of the benefits of a partnership with One Tree Planted and be persuaded to begin the partnership immediately. 


  1. Introduction


  1. Think about the size of a football field
  2. OTP has planted 14,500 football fields  (OTP n.d.). 
  3. Over a five year period
  4. My name is  __________ and I am an executive assistant at Global Mind.
  5. Global Mind, a tree nursery service, needs to partner with the One Tree Planted Philanthropy. 
  6. improve our public image
  7. reap monetary benefit
  8. help rebuild the environment. 
  9. Preview
  10. Reasons Global Mind needs to partner with OTP
  11. Environment
  12. Benefits social and monetary
  13. Easy implementation
  14. Address any concerns
  15.  Conclude 


  1. Argument   


  1. One Tree Planted is the best philanthropy chosen for Global Mind because of their environmental mission. 
  2. Customers of all generations 

a. Nielsen Survey


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b. 85% of millennials support the statement (Nielsen, 2017).


  1. Solidify our public image as environmentally conscious/sustainable. 

a.  House of Marley sustainable brand example

b. Planted 223,000 trees since 2017 (House of marley x one tree planted, n.d.).


  1. Many benefits for Global Mind.
  2. Monetary Benefits 

a. Tax Cuts 

b. Donation shows investors that GM is financially healthy

c. We received increased funding (“How Companies Benefit from CSR”, 2018). 


  1.  Social Benefits

a. Marketing efforts increase audience 

b. Example: House of Marley YouTube promotion 15,000 views (House of marley to plant 75,000 trees, 2017)

c. Customers feel good about supporting our philanthropic message (Russell, 2018) 


  1. Easy to implement. 


  1. One tree is planted for each $1 donation
  2. Or “buy one, plant one” method
  3. Easy to adopt a cap donation 

a. Example: Global Mind donates up to 20,000 trees 

b. $20,000 donation

  1. Oakwood example 

a. Successfully implemented a “buy one, plant one” approach 

b. Donated 2,600 trees 

c. Continues to partner with OTP (We plant trees, n.d.).


  1.  Concerns and Responses


  1. Concern: Partnership will be too expensive for Global Mind
    1. Growing company with limited funds

2. Where do we find the $20,000?

  1. Response: Hire a financial advisor 
  2. Response: Only need to donate what is feasible – can implement a cap donation



  1. Conclusion


  1. Global Mind needs to partner with OTP to
  2. Restore environment that is the base of our brand 
  3. Help Global Mind grow and reach our goals 


  4. Refer back to opening statement
  5. OTP restored 14,500 football fields in 5 years
  6. One football field is lost per second 
  7. Partner with OTP to help shrink gap and restore environment for our customers in the future 


  1. Call to action- ask for board approval 


  2. APA Reference List 


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