Admission Application Letter

Pharmacy Supplemental Application

Pharmacy Supplemental Application

Please describe why you want to attend the pharmacy program at Massachusetts College and health science. Please also include any impression of MCPHS and the Worcester area.

            I am eager to attend and be part of the Massachusetts College and Health Science (MCPHS) pharmacy program for various reasons.  First, Massachusetts has been in the education business for over 20 years and within the period, the college has gained credential recognition in the U.S.  Second, MCPHS will fulfill my need to take a three year program rather than four, as I already undertook a four-year degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy.  Third, MCPHS offers a distinguished quality education through its highly qualified staff and faculty members.  The staff is experienced and knows how to educate students to become valuable pharmacists who can use their knowledge to provide better outcomes to the patient and the society.  Fourth, MCPHS has advanced laboratory facilities, modern libraries, and a very diverse environment for the students. As much as MCPHS does not have campuses like other colleges, and is located in downtown Worcester, it has almost 5 buildings and thus worth being considered a big campus.  I live in Shrewsbury in Worcester County and I am very familiar with the Worcester area.  I feel pride every time I pass by the MCPHS and long for the day that I will be part of this college community.

Pharmacy Supplemental Application

Please explain any withdrawals, failures, D’s, incomplete, or leaves of absences

My entire course is marked with one, one failure and one incomplete.  I got a failure in American History because I was taking four other courses alongside it.  Considering that I am not a native English speaker, I experienced difficulty in the literature course.  Additionally, I was doing a 30 to 40 hours pharmacy technician job in order to settle in Massachusetts.  The withdrawal was in English Literature II because of the explained problem of low proficiency in the English language.  The incomplete was in the Physics course and this resulted from the job conflict. A colleague quit work suddenly and I was left with no option but to pick up the colleague’s work hours.  Consequently, I was not able to complete the Physics course.  Overall, I was new to the U.S and the settling procedures and the need to work in order to cover basic expenses affected my study.

If you are a re-applicant please write a brief statement describing steps you have taken to strengthen your overall application to the pharmacy program since last application

            During the last one year since my last application, I have done and completed 9 courses in order to gain pre-pharmacy knowledge.  I have also involved in community work in which I interacted with medium to old age people.  I got involved in the community flu shot clinic in which I was an active administrative technician.  Additionally, I have done much work as a pharmacy technician in the past one year in order to widen my pharmacy knowledge.

Admission Essay

Shivang Patel

15th September, 2010.

The Pharmacy School Admissions Board


I am applying for an advanced pharmacy course in your institution.  My motivation to pharmacy dates back to when I was in 9th grade and got the chance to visit my father’s pharmacy where I got attracted to the aspects of drug dispensing and wellness of patients.

My educational and practical experiences as a part time pharmacy technician give me the urge to pursue an advanced program. Additionally, I have the qualifications that enable me to secure a chance at your institution.  These are personal attributes such as keenness and thoroughness to detail, good interpersonal skills, good listener, and the persistent enthusiasm to be become a unique pharmacist.

I believe that your institution will enable me to achieve my dream and I am looking forward to admission.  Getting admission to this highly esteemed institution will enhance my capabilities and widen my competence as a health care professional upon graduation. 

I therefore anticipate an affirmative response.

Yours Faithfully,

Shivang Patel

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