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POLC- Leading

American Express


Management is a very important aspect of any business organization. However, this can only be fully executed if there is a well-organized bureaucratic system in which each stakeholder has a distinct role. In American Express, there is a dedicated and coordinated team of management which oversees its day-to-day operations.


The top management’s responsibility is to plan, organize and control all the company’s activities. First and foremost, the organization is segmented into departments. Each of these is led by the senior most members who are promoted o merit. The distinct boundary between each of the departments is specified. Although they are answerable to the top management, each of departmental head is responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling all the activities undertaken by their respective staff. ┬áThis enables their work to go smoothly without any challenges.

The other important aspect of this company is the general planning and organization adopted in leadership. Each of the stakeholders is considered as an integral part of the organization. Their contribution is highly regarded. They are always consulted whenever there is a need to make major decisions affecting all of them. This is particularly extended to catering for the welfare of the workforce. Each of the employees is motivated. This is done by clearly defining their roles, involving them in the decision-making process and proper remuneration. Hence, they feel as a recognized part of the entire system.

American Express has gone an extra mile as a result of professional management which is committed to proper leading. It is not too task-oriented. Instead, it focuses on the human aspect because human resources are the pillars for its success. Thus, it has become one of the most successful companies in United States of America (USA). The motivation of employees is fundamental because it makes them deliver their best services to the organization. This is the only ay through which it can accomplish its short and long term goals.  

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