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Police and the Rule of Law

Police and the Rule of Law

In our Chapter 6 reading, we learned about the different issues that law enforcement agents face, especially when apprehending individuals and collecting evidence. For example, some evidence may be inadmissible in court if the evidence was obtained illegally or is classified as an exception to the warrant requirement. This is to protect the suspected person per due process.

Police and the Rule of Law

Based on the material from the lecture and reading, define “probable cause” and give an example in which an officer may conclude probable cause exists. 

In addition,  explain and identify two of the six exceptions to the warrant requirement officers must adhere to and provide an example for each. Be sure that you: 1) explain your two exceptions and 2) provide an example for each exception outlined. This is important, especially when distinguishing the exceptions from one another.

Note: do not copy your examples from one another. We want to see your understanding of the course concepts and ability to apply the reading and lecture material to real-life/possible events.

As a reminder, fully address all parts of the prompt using the reading and lecture material to support your answers. A one-sentence explanation or bullet points will not receive full credit. You must answer each of the prompt’s questions in detail.

For example, “According to Rennison and Dodge (2021), probable cause refers to …

However, there are exceptions to the warrant requirement. First, there is … One example would be____.  Second, there is …”

Then, you would describe two different exceptions to the warrant requirement along with an example of each.

As always, please remain respectful and civil in your posts.

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