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Positive features of remains a helpful and engaging online new source with it’s creation of a medium, which takes advantage of digital media unique aspects. The website pays a lot attention on how individuals make usage of their online content. It does not only consider how people read it as well as how they can use it in terms of scanning pages randomly unlike meticulously from top to bottom (Poynor, 2006). The website considers the pages online users look at first and first. Other factors taken into consideration are meaningful visual cues and flourishing design. The website has a new functionality that tends to respond to the needs of different users and business criteria. Another aspect is an atomized content, photo spread with feature stories being only major gateway to the site. The website can be accessed from various different ways because of ales consistent typography with each logo having a compact and iconographic illustration for identification.

The New York Times website website has enjoyed a solid web presence on the web from the year 1996, and was ranked one of the best Web sites. To access some articles there is a need for registration, although in most cases it is bypassed through RSS feeds. There are 555 million page viewers associated with the website, as evident by March 2005.At the same time; the domain seems to have attracted around 146 million visitors yearly according to a survey undertaken by (Poynor, 2006). The website top rankings is because of the high numbers of unique visitors  with more than 20 million of them in the year 2009.It has remained a newspaper site, which  has been visited most with unique visitors making it the next most fashionable site. In the recent times, the website has produced many popular newspaper blogs.

SonicWALL application video in traffic analytics

The video talks about SonicWALL Analyzer, considered a web-based traffic analytics, which is easy to use. It is also a reporting tool and offers a real time as well as historical insight to health, performance coupled with network security. The Analyzer tends to supports SonicWALL firewalls, recovery, appliances, backup and protected remote access devices whereas leveraging traffic analytics applications for security reporting events (Poynor, 2010). The firewall is the only vendor, which offers a complete solution combined with off-box application with traffic analytics and granular statistical data that is generated by SonicWALL firewalls.

Reason for choosing the video

The reason for choosing the new Traffic Analytics solutions application suite in that it offers powerful visualization in the network to help administrators with troubleshooting and ease with overall network management. At the same time, their capacity to provide historical as well as real-time forensic data into a data traffic flowing in a network has enabled IT managers to predict, prepare, and respond better to prevent bandwidth spikes. At the same time, it has helped in managing threats security, inappropriate application use and network outages (Johansen, 2010). It is evident that the  SonicWALL suite in relation to Application Traffic Analytics solutions helps in improving of network management, which encourages business efficiency by ensuring there is a business-critical service setting compliant with the needed requirements. Granular visualization together with analytic reporting ability comprise of deep packet analysis, customizable dashboards, latency monitoring and automated reports. At the same time, scrutinizer offers advanced analysis, historical together with advanced reporting.


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