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Power, Politics and Knowledge

Power, Politics and Knowledge

“Our distinguished guests, the principal, teachers and my fellow colleagues, good morning?  I am ….  And am speaking on the topic ‘power politics and knowledge’ from the movie,  the freezing of  account  by  Eduardo is  comparable to Machiavelli’s comprehension of power which informs that  power has  no single  center  and always  shift  with response to  instability of alliances. The absence of verbal negotiation ability of Eduardo leads him to taking desperate decisions on freezing accounts on Facbook. Power strategies, presented deals, negotiation and corresponding conflict widen the misunderstanding of the duos on  Facebook’s future. The notion that power is embedded with certain horizon is   also intimated in the notable    scene exposed in the film. Power held by Mark and Eduardo is thus exposed in their residents. The effectiveness of strategies determines the eventual holder the power at long last. The theory   synchronizes with Eduardo and Mark’s case in that a set of imprecise, subjective and consequential speculation hold vital importance on interpretive   speculations (Rossides, 1998, pp76).

The scene at which Eduardo loses his shares creates an impeccable point in the film’s running.   The unexpected happens to Eduardo creating a disheartening state for him as regards immature steps   conclusion and actions he designs.  It quite sympathetic that in the eventual finality, Eduardo losses his   resources (share) which he valued so much. The desire or attempt to try and access justice or help outside the family is quite uneventful.  Mark at last fails to recognize him and instead chooses to   prefer algorithm instead of Eduardo. Desperation propels him to destroy the laptop from which Mark is logged in. consistent with Machiavelli; power is decentralized, strategic and also coercive. In summary, the exercise of power is best exposed following and acted upon following strategic process and which is mostly legal. This is contrary to the efforts exerted by Eduardo. Eduardo’s approach of handling the power he has is typically unconventional and in disrespect of the true nature of power. The exposition of power as main trigger for   organizational conflicts is notable in this case.  Eduardo and Mark and  are  confronting each other legally  following inability to agree but eventually  power is  bias on  one side; Marks side.  Ethical nature and behavior of rejected due to the escalated relevant consideration of power. Some other lessons   notable from losing of shares owned by Eduardo is that   power   has no moral stances and eventual strategies adopted. 

The exposure to power reveals of the undermining of the   myths of honorable conducts. The essence of morality is totally lost in the consideration of the power.  It is notable that   Eduardo cries foul and feels betrayed by Mark but power falls in favor of Mark. Eduardo resort to application of action against Mark but this does not work out well to him. Machievelli regards violence as the “hard core of power” which Eduardo would love to exercise but is unfruitful. Perhaps the loss of shares by Eduardo   is propagated by use of violence without practicality and in unsparing proportion. Towards the end of the   film Eduardo lashes at Mark noting that he   betrayed him, but he doesn’t acknowledge the role he played in failing his mission. I feel this is the fear for failure as exposed by Eduardo and persistent urge to pull people close to their mess.

I highly appreciate your attention while listening.”


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