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Preliminary Summary Statement


The holocaust comes as one of the most fundamental occurrences in the history of mankind, at least in contemporary times. It marks a time when the epitome of animalistic tendencies in human beings became evident. Indeed, the term “Holocaust” was used to underline the bureaucratic, state-sponsored and systematic murder and persecution of about six million Jews in Germany by the Nazi regime alongside its collaborators. This persecution started when the Nazis took over power in Germany in January 1933. Unfortunately, they held the belief that the Germans were essentially “racially superior”, while the Jews who were seen as an inferior race were seen as an alien threat to the German racial community.

While stories will continue to be read and written about this dark moment of human history, immense knowledge can be learnt from the survivors. One of the most popular Jewish victims of the holocaust remains to be Anne Frank. The frank family had immigrated to Amsterdam from Germany in 1933, the same year that the Nazis took over power. Anne Frank’s family went into hiding at a building where her father used to work. Unfortunately, Anne and her sister Maggot, were betrayed and captured, upon which they were captured and kept in concentration camps. Eventually, Anne and her sister died in 1945 of typhus in the concentration camps.  However, her story of courage and resilience was captured in her diary, published posthumously, giving her immense popularity. Indeed, her story remains one of courage, hope, resilience, and determination in adversity.

This paper will essentially trace the story of the young girl from her birth throughout her life journey up to her death in the concentration camp, as well as the legacy that has not only cemented her place in the history of mankind but also given hope to millions.

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