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 Prescription Of Migraine Therapy To J.J Case Study

 Prescription Of Migraine Therapy To J.J Case Study

J.J. Is experiencing various symptoms that indicate that she has migraines. She has tried taking some common pain relievers that cannot control her condition indicating that her condition is severe. In this assignment, migraine therapy would be prescribed for J.J.

 Prescription Of Migraine Therapy To J.J Case Study

The goal of therapy for J.J. would be to help manage migraines since the migraines have become severe. The reason why the migraines seem severe emanates from the fact that the drugs that J.J. is using are not helpful since they can only relieve mild migraines. Another goal of therapy on J.J. would be to help J.J. maintain her job since the migraines are causing her to miss work, which may make her lose her job.

A drug therapy that can be prescribed to manage J.J’s migraines would be triptans, which can include rizatriptan, zolmitriptan, and sumatriptan among others. Triptans may exist in the form of injections, tablets or nasal sprays. The reason for prescribing triptans is because triptans help in effectively relieving pain and all symptoms linked with migraines.

The specific patient information for the prescription of triptan drug therapy entails the patient having pain on the right or left temple and headaches that can result in the patient vomiting or nausea and being sensitive to bright light. Besides, in the prescription of triptan drug therapy, the patient should not be at risk of heart or stroke attacks.

Triptans are usually associated with some adverse effects that may lead to a change of this drug therapy.  One of the adverse effects of this drug therapy is that it can cause muscle weakness, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness (Cowan, 2008). Another adverse effect is that it can cause harm to individuals that are at a risk of being attacked by stroke and heart attack.

Since triptans are usually associated with nausea that can be accompanied by vomiting, it is good to consider anti-nausea medication therapy (Cowan, 2008). The anti-nausea medications should be combined with other medications for effective management of migraines. Therefore, the therapy that would be recommended entails triptans medication combined with anti-nausea medications such as metoclopramide, prochlorperazine or chlorpromazine. This combination would ensure that the patient is relieved of the pain and nausea and vomiting that can result will also be managed.

Other medications include opioid medications. In case this patient cannot take triptans, opioid medication containing narcotics can be used; however, these medications should be used as the last option since they contain narcotics, which are habit forming (Cowan, 2008). Other medications include the use of glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids can be used with other medications; however, because of steroid toxicity, they should not be frequently used. In addition, a natural treatment such as Lam Kam Sang Heklin can be used as an alternative therapy for the patient.

There are various dietary and lifestyle changes that can be recommended for this patient. Since the food eaten has an immense impact on migraines, it is crucial for the patient to avoid eating foods that can trigger migraines (Cowan, 2008). The patient should also consider eating regularly in order to avoid low blood sugar. Besides, the patient should limit medications that contain estrogen since such medications can worsen migraines. In addition, staying physically active is crucial in avoiding or lessening migraine severity.

When using triptans, the use of some antidepressants, which promote the serotonin activity should be avoided since their interaction can cause serotonin syndrome condition. Although food does not interfere significantly with the entire effectiveness of triptans, it can slow the onset of activity of rizatriptan and sumatriptan. Hence, these drugs should be best taken when the stomach is empty (Cowan, 2008).


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