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Project Chosen: Artificial Intelligence Shopping System

Q. Read the below paragraph and write your opinion of about 150 words with intext citations and references.

Project Integration Management plays an important role in project management, especially when the project is complicated and involves the cooperation of different departments. Team Asana (2022) defines Project Integration Management as the coordination of “all elements of a project, including tasks, resources, stakeholders and deliverables.” For an instance, the project is lagging behind its predefined timeline. Project Integration Management will be able to act on its role by synchronizing the processes within the project and access the situation to come up with a solution to keep the project back on track. In short, Project Integration Management aims to “ensure the processes run efficiently and meet predefined goals” (“Guide to the project,” 2022).  

Project Chosen: Artificial Intelligence Shopping System

I want to discuss on how project integration management relates to project life cycles. There are five phases in project management: initiation, planning, execution, performance and closure. In order to coordinate project activities in different phases of the project, there are 7 steps of project integration management which are to create a project charter, develop a project management plan, direct and manage project tasks, manage project knowledge, monitor and control project tasks, perform integrated change control and close out project (“Guide to project,” 2022). These steps can be implemented and integrated in the project life cycles in order to ensure the success of a project. As an example, the task of developing project charter can be implemented in the initiation phase whereas direct and manage project work can be implemented in the execution phase.

Q. Write about 300 words about the project chosen and determine how the project will be organized.

References minimum 3-4

Project Chosen: Artificial Intelligence Shopping System

Team Members and Roles:

●                   Ravi – Team Lead

●                   Sunitha – Scope/ Timeline Manager

●                   Salman – Control Account Manager

●                   Chandra – HR & Communications Manager

The main idea of our project is to create and design a shopping system that works together with an artificial intelligence system.

Virtual fitting: The core point of matching virtual fitting apps to attract users is how to find items that specific user may be interested in the vast online clothing library, arouse their desire to match, and promote the order.

If the artificial intelligence attempt of Stitch Fix, a company specializing in clothing matching subscription sales, is combined with a virtual fitting APP, it is possible to generate a new virtual fitting business model.

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