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Project Interactive Digital Design

Final Project – Eportfolio Guidelines The final project allows you to showcase your work in this course and reflect upon what you have learned in the process. The portfolio will be completed using Google Sites (which is free and part of your Google account) or any other website development tool you are familiar with. In the end, you will need a working link to your portfolio. Since you have already worked with several new online tools and can discover new features of these technologies on your own, it is time to explore a free website development tool. Feel free to watch some tutorials or explore the online tool, which is very simple to use. The final product or website should have the same structure and menu as the template or sample website that you can find at: You can use any color or design you prefer, but make sure that all the sections in the menu are included. These sections are Home, Images, Audio, Video Animation, and Resume. The instructions for completion for each section are in the sample website (see the link above), which has been created for you using Google Sites. Follow the instructions on the sample website and create and complete your portfolio. Once it is finished, submit the working link to your website in the assignment dropbox. Remember this is your final project for the course, so please develop your website as completely and creatively as possible (test in another device, such as a smartphone or computer, that your link works before submitting it). 

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