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Proposal for Research on Healthcare and Education Policy in the EU and US

Proposal for Research on Healthcare and Education Policy in the EU and US

My chosen distinct policy areas that I am interested in researching this semester are healthcare and education. Healthcare is a fundamental aspect of human well-being and is essential for individuals to lead healthy and productive lives. Inadequate access to quality healthcare affects people’s everyday ability to receive timely medical treatment and imposes a financial burden on them (Berry et al., 2023). In the US, healthcare is primarily a private industry with a complex system of insurance providers. Employer-sponsored insurance is a frequent option for people to receive coverage, and the private insurance model is prevalent (Zieff, 2020). In the EU, healthcare systems often lean towards universal coverage with a more prominent role for public funding. This difference in healthcare systems has significant implications for citizens’ access to care, affordability, and the population’s overall health. I intend to examine how these differing approaches affect people’s access to healthcare, the quality of care received, and the financial burdens placed on individuals and families. By comparing US and EU healthcare policies, I hope to identify key differences and similarities, exploring how cultural, political, and economic factors contribute to these variations. I will investigate outcomes in terms of health outcomes, equity, and public satisfaction.

Education is a critical component of individuals’ lives and profoundly impacts future opportunities and success. Education policies in the EU and the US have far-reaching effects on students, teachers, and the broader society. Lack of equity and inclusion can result in school dropout or retention, with significant financial and social repercussions (Roman et al., 2022). Educational systems in the regions differ in funding, curriculum, and governance structures. Education in the US is primarily funded at the state and local levels. The system causes significant resource disparities and educational outcomes among regions and communities. In contrast, many EU countries have centralized education systems with more consistent funding models and curricula (Alzafari & Kratzer, 2019). My research will focus on understanding how educational policy differences influence student achievement, accessible educational opportunities, and educational equity. I will explore cultural and historical factors shaping education policies in the US and the EU and implications for educational outcomes. I will conduct a comparative analysis to uncover valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and their effects on individuals’ everyday lives.

In conclusion, I propose researching healthcare and education policy. The areas directly impact people’s everyday lives and can be subject to comparative analysis. Investigating the policy areas and helping better understand the differences in policy approaches and cultural underpinnings in the regions. I hope the research will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of how policy choices shape the lives of individuals and communities on both sides of the Atlantic. The comparative research will provide valuable insights into the complexities of policy-making, the role of culture in shaping policy outcomes, and the potential for cross-cultural learning. It will contribute to a more informed and nuanced discussion of the policies that affect people’s lives in Europe and America. I am committed to conducting rigorous research, analyzing data, and presenting my findings clearly and meaningfully.


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