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Reflection of the Cultural Formulation Interview Video

Reflection of the Cultural Formulation Interview Video

Interviewers design interviews with the aim of attaining specific information or understanding certain situations and phenomena. Qualitative interviewing techniques may imperatively influence the results of the interview (Brayda and Boyce 318). The doctor formulates his interview to make the interviewee comfortable and open to sharing. Notably, the approach ensures that the discussion needs to ethical guidelines as the interviewer does not go out of line but instead gives the interviewee the lead. Conversely, the formulation of the interview observes an inclusiveness approach as the doctor relates to the interviewee’s cultural affiliation, such as her family in Mexico, and how her acts may influence their lives, whether directly or indirectly.

Importantly, the doctor gives the patient the steering wheel by allowing her to instigate the interview path while offering simple guidance. The doctor starts by providing the patient for sharing and thus giving her a chance to share comfortably without being forced into anything (NYSPI). Conversely, the doctor informs her that she will have an opportunity to ask any question she wants, thereby outlining that he values her thoughts. The interview approach respects the patient as a patient and a culturally diverse person. Maybe the doctor has not encountered such a disturbing situation as the patient, but he still tries to relate to her experience outlined throughout the interview. Importantly, the physician listens and seeks to understand the patient. He tells her that doctors and patients may misunderstand each other due to their diverse cultural background affiliation and therefore tries to inquire whether she feels concerned about this diversity. Thus, the interview tries to incorporate a collective approach while at the same time respecting diverse cultural beliefs.

It is imperative to develop an interview that looks at different factors such as cultural and religious beliefs. Notably, the initiative ensures that the interviewer can easily relate to the patient and his or her feelings. Importantly, different people go through different things and may view them distinctively. For instantly, the patient feels neglected by her family, a situation which is leading her down a road of depression. The doctor responds to the issue by outlining how different things work for different people. Ultimately, the essence of the interaction is to help the patient share and have a clear mind before making any decision. The doctor manages to achieve to elevate the mood with the patient acknowledging her fear of being deported and ultimately finding a more precise idea on the issue. Therefore, developing an interview should entail incorporating diverse initiatives and approaches depending on the people.

Conclusively, it is essential to understand the diverse cultural dimensions and how people relate to them when interacting with them. Notably, every interview has its importance or aim, so the interviewer should develop initiatives when interacting with diverse people. The interview between the doctor and the patient presents two people from distinct cultural backgrounds who manage to interact and talk about important issues. The patient confirms that she had her doubts about the whole process especially since the doctor does not share her culture or talk in Spanish (NYSPI). Conclusively, she admits that the session was helpful and the doctor managed to help her get over her fear about the importance of the session. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the distinct beliefs and dimensions of culture.

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