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Rilker’s Poems

Rilker’s Poems

The Panther and the Swan are two great poems with many similarities and differences. First, they both use stylistic devices in the same manner. They both use stylistic devices like alliteration, assonance, repetitions, rhyme, rhythm and others. These are all carefully used to help deliver the poet’s message (Ryan, J., 2007). Repetition is used when the poet decided to repeat many things. this is important because it would help in creating emphasis on the most important themes being presented in each of the poems. The other styles are used to make the poems more interesting  and captivating to the reader. For instance, the use of t,l, s and r as alliterations, alongside a, i, o and u as assonance,  are important because they make the poems more rhythmical and captivating to the readers. These authors used all these features in their poems (Numerous contributors, 2007).

Besides, the two poems are similar in that they both have the themes they are trying to convey. Though written by same poet, they address different aspects oflife in the society. The Swan gives an account of the plight of workers. As he narrates, these people are not happy with the kind of life they are leading. They feel that their master is exploiting them. He affirms this when he complains. ‘This laboring of ours with all that remains undone, as if still bound to it…’ It seems that no one is concerned about them. Therefore, according to the narrator, the only way though which they can be liberated, is through coming up and joining efforts. This will help them hold mass actions that will eventually help them air their grievances. They understand the role of solidarity in their lives (Engel, M. and Lauterbach, D.,2004).

On the other hand, The Panther presents the theme of disparate life behind the bars. According to the narrator, -people always have a negative perception towards the life imprison. It is so bad because it has a lot of problems such as solitude and unending restrictions. In fact, he compares it to the life of pupils in schools when he says,’ Only at times, the curtain of the pupils
lifts, quietly…’this shows that nobody is ready to lead such a life. Therefore, everyone should be wary of their actions to avoid such disastrous situations.

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