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Scenario: Annual Case Review for Zoey

Navigating the Annual Case Review for Zoey, a 5th grader receiving special education services, can be challenging when balancing the needs of the student, parent, and school. Here’s a simulation scenario that addresses these complexities:

Scenario: Annual Case Review for Zoey

Setting: An Annual Case Review meeting at the school


Public Agency Representative (You): Responsible for scheduling and presiding over the meeting, ensuring compliance with IDEA and ESSA.
Special Education Teacher of Record (Ms. Pati): Zoey’s mild disabilities special education teacher.
General Education Teacher (Ms. Murphy): Concerned about Zoey’s placement in her classroom.
Parent (Mrs. Scott): Frustrated with Zoey’s performance and seeking better support.
Instructional Strategist (Mr. Qwik): In charge of the school’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) team.
Speech Therapist (Ms. Wild): Licensed Speech Language Pathologist.


Open the meeting by introducing yourself as the Public Agency Representative.
State the purpose of the meeting: to review Zoey’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and ensure it meets her needs.
Review of Zoey’s Progress:

Begin with Ms. Pati providing an overview of Zoey’s academic and speech therapy progress.
Highlight areas of improvement and challenges.
General Education Teacher’s Concerns:

Allow Ms. Murphy to express her concerns about Zoey’s placement and academic performance.
Address her concerns and emphasize the importance of collaboration.
Parent’s Concerns and Expectations:

Give Mrs. Scott an opportunity to share her frustrations and expectations for Zoey’s education.
Listen actively and empathetically to her concerns.
Discussion on IEP Goals and Services:

Present Zoey’s current IEP goals and services.
Discuss whether the goals are realistic and appropriate for her needs.
Addressing Resource Constraints:

Acknowledge resource constraints and their impact on the implementation of the IEP.
Explain how the school is working to allocate resources effectively.
Support for Staff Implementation:

Mr. Qwik can discuss how the MTSS team can support teachers in meeting Zoey’s needs.
Emphasize professional development opportunities for staff.
Speech Therapy Services:

Ms. Wild can provide insights into Zoey’s speech therapy progress.
Discuss the frequency and effectiveness of speech therapy sessions.
IDEA and ESSA Compliance:

Clarify how the school ensures compliance with IDEA and ESSA.
Highlight the commitment to providing a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).
Action Plan:

Collaboratively develop an action plan to address Zoey’s needs and concerns.
Set clear timelines and responsibilities.

Summarize key points and agreements reached during the meeting.
Express gratitude to all participants for their contributions.

Schedule a follow-up meeting to monitor Zoey’s progress and review any changes to her IEP.
Provide Mrs. Scott with contact information for ongoing communication.
In this simulation, your role as the Public Agency Representative involves facilitating a constructive dialogue among all stakeholders while ensuring compliance with IDEA and ESSA. Balancing resource constraints, addressing concerns, and prioritizing Zoey’s educational goals are essential for a successful Annual Case Review.

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