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Scenario: Facilitating Difficult Conversations with a Novice Teacher

Addressing concerns about a teacher’s clothing and instructional practices can be sensitive issues, but they are essential for maintaining a productive and professional school environment. Here’s a simulation scenario that navigates these challenges:

Scenario: Facilitating Difficult Conversations with a Novice Teacher

Setting: Principal’s office in an elementary school


  1. Principal (You): Responsible for addressing concerns about the novice teacher’s clothing and instructional practices.
  2. Novice Teacher: The teacher in question facing concerns.
  3. Staff Members: Colleagues who have raised concerns about the novice teacher’s clothing.
  4. Instructional Math Coach: Concerned about the novice teacher’s mathematics instruction.


  1. Introduction:
    • Start the meeting by welcoming the novice teacher and expressing appreciation for their dedication to the school.
  2. Dress Code Concerns:
    • Address the dress code issue first but do it with sensitivity.
    • Share that some staff members have raised concerns about the clothing being worn.
    • Use non-judgmental language and avoid making it a personal critique.
  3. Listening and Empathy:
    • Allow the novice teacher to express their perspective on the clothing matter.
    • Listen attentively and empathize with their feelings or reasons.
  4. Instructional Concerns:
    • Transition to the instructional concerns raised by the instructional math coach.
    • Explain that there have been concerns about teaching practices, particularly in mathematics instruction.
  5. Specific Feedback:
    • Provide specific feedback on observed instructional issues, focusing on areas that need improvement.
    • Use constructive language and avoid making it a personal attack.
  6. Prioritizing Concerns:
    • Discuss which concerns should be addressed first.
    • Explain that both clothing and instructional practices are important but agree on which to address initially.
  7. Confidentiality and Trust:
    • Address the issue of confidentiality and the importance of building trust within the school community.
    • Emphasize that feedback is meant for professional growth and improvement.
  8. Creating an Action Plan:
    • Collaboratively develop an action plan for addressing both concerns.
    • Set clear goals, timelines, and responsibilities.
  9. Support and Resources:
    • Offer support and resources to help the novice teacher improve in the identified areas.
    • Mention professional development opportunities or mentorship programs.
  10. Closing:
    • Summarize the key points of the conversation.
    • Express confidence in the novice teacher’s ability to grow and succeed.
  11. Follow-up:
    • Schedule a follow-up meeting to review progress on the action plan.
    • Encourage open communication and willingness to seek help when needed.

In this simulation, your role as the principal involves addressing concerns with professionalism, empathy, and a focus on improving the novice teacher’s performance and professional development. Balancing the dress code issue with instructional concerns and maintaining confidentiality are key challenges to navigate effectively.

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