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Shortcomings Of Central Tendency

The mean, median, and mode are frequently referred to as the measures of central tendency. All three of these are used commonly, especially by the media when trying to make a point or persuade an audience to some point of view. However, each of these three statistical measures has their own shortcomings.

Shortcomings Of Central Tendency

For your own original contribution to this Discussion Board, complete the following:

Research the shortcomings of measures of central tendency. Summarize your findings and cite your sources.
Find an example where a mean, median, or mode was used by the media or a company to make a specific point. Evaluate this use and then share your evaluation with the class. Be sure to specifically discuss any caveats or risks associated with the way the organization in your example used its central tendency metric.
Discuss if you think the right measure was used. Share a recommendation for a better measure if you think there is one.
300 words.

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