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Skill and Behavioral Approach

Skill and Behavioral Approach

Good afternoon one and all present in the building. I am honoured this day to remind ourselves that disaster like the wildfires that has and continues to raze our forests and towns is one of the calamities of sudden happening. For the past 12 hours, I noted with a great deal of concern the damage resulting from the event: environmental, property, and life-wise. While this and similar natural disasters are categorized as emergencies, we must acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the rapidly changing climatic conditions are to blame. Of importance, “desperate times typically call for desperate measures.” When faced with a disaster, we must utilize our proper preparations extraordinarily because doing do so helps with managing the volatile situation, thus minimizing its effect.

In my capacity as a leader, I understand that we could not predict with certainty the probability of these fires occurring. While this is the case, we must act swiftly to decrease people’s vulnerability and the ongoing destruction of properties and the environment. Consequently, I have approved implementing all the laid-down emergency operation plans (EOPs), engaged local, federal, and federal governments through responsible agencies. The private sector to ensure the smooth formation of funds and development of effective communication systems, and provided point-based guidelines to define our approach to mitigating this disaster. These measures and associated activities would go a long way in ensuring rapid problem recognition, assessment of damage, mobilization of resources, response, and post-incidence resource demobilization.

I challenge each of you to convey this message to your juniors. Working in teams, members should know their roles in this crisis. As a result, I expect you as their leaders to lead in coordinating, commanding, and taking full control of safety-driven activities. Our focus revolves around battling the fires within the shortest time possible, restoring power, transportation, and telecommunication, and working in collaboration with emergency medical services (EMS) in supplying food materials, medicines, as well as drinking water. Additional activities involve setting up temporary shelters, spreading awareness, and offering emotional rehabilitation. On this note, thank you in advance for remaining resilient throughout this crisis.

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