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Stop Medical Experimentation on Our Children

Stop Medical Experimentation on Our Children

Social institutions and individual health play significant in a person’s life.  Among children with serious medical issues and other related implications, unethical experiments conducted to validate their conditions have severely impacted their lives. In Maureen Salaman’s article “Stop Medical Experimentation on Our Children,” the author explored children’s different behaviors when exposed to certain drugs.  The reactions towards medications among most children show that thorough control measures must be included to limit any further impact such prescriptions can have on them.  The author made significant recovery processes possible among children through the article when given the author drugs that can restore worn-out body parts (Gordon, 2019).  After reading the story presented by Salamana, it is worth noting that adhering to the specific use of prescribed drugs among children helps prevent unnecessary implications and effects they might be exposed to.

Statistics reveal that most drugs given to children are for adult use. Approximately five hundred thousand American children take antidepressants and prescriptions that are not authorized as effective or safe among children. This results in the common issues that most drugs are still being prescribed to children with clearing understanding of their side effects. In the article, Gordon further reiterates that most children who are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression in American are a result of several implications and mess-ups that are evident during prescriptions.  The increasing death rates that have been recorded in America among young children have shown that there is a need for the doctors and researcher to take part in restoring the dwindling condition that has been recorded in the recent past.

The rising cases of the negative impacts have also called for a thorough evaluation of the drug prescription process.  In her focus on high school children, the author adds that the increasing number of influence cases children have been exposed to calls for their parents’ attention to ensure they are protected from more harm (Gordon, 2019).  Though some drug makers have revealed little interest in further research on the effects of drugs on children, it is worth noting that families have increasingly been affected by the reduced prescriptions that their children have been exposed to.  According to Australia (2020), the rising experiments conducted since the 1970s have shown that the increasing number of supplements were becoming of importance to children. As a result, most drug companies have introduced new avenues to develop more essential drugs that can be of great importance and significance to children.

Moreover, other issues associated with such implications concerning children, the inception of the Aids meds issues led to life-changing impacts on children. Most children are experiencing side effects like cardiac arrest, hearing problems, and seizures. Further stories related to this indicate that medics must approve the type of drugs that children are being given without undergoing pediatric testing, among other tests. 

To sum, parents must validate appropriate and natural medicines to their children to aid their needs.  Most parents have tried that, and the results have been positive. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that all experiments and prescriptions that children are being given must positively impact their lives.  Overall, the author held that thorough evaluations and considerations must be implored to ascertain the type of prescriptions children are given.


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