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Teaching prioritization: “Who, what, & why?”

Title: Teaching prioritization: “Who, what, & why?”

Author: M. A. Jessee

Year of publication: 2019

Teaching prioritization: “Who, what, & why?”

Journal: Journal of Nursing Education, volume 58, issue 5, pages 302-305.

Discusses a method of recognizing complex patient situations, prioritizing nursing

actions, and providing safe patient care.

After you select your article from the approved list, you will complete a one – two-page summary of the article and

reflection. The paper should be completed in APA 7th edition format and include the following:

 Page 1: A cover page (not included in the page number requirement)

 Pages 2-3:

o A one paragraph introduction.

o The summary of the article based on the rubric must include:

 A level one heading labeled “Summary of Article”.

 One direct quote from your reference, appropriately cited as per APA within the text of the paper.

 One indirect quote (or paraphrased quote) appropriately cited as per APA within the text of the paper.

o A one paragraph conclusion. This should include a level one heading labeled “Conclusion”.

o The reflection should be in a separate paragraph with a level one heading labeled “Reflection”. This is the

ONLY portion of the paper that can be written in first person. This should also be the last paragraph of the


 Page 3 or 4: A reference page appropriately formatted using the APA 7th edition.


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