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The introduction of women to the police force contributed to several evident changes

Women in the police force have been portrayed as able to bring several changes in the traditionally male-dominated sector. Therefore, the introduction of women to the police force contributed to several evident changes. These changes therefore implied an improvement in service delivery of the force previously dominated by men. This paper thus seeks to highlight the contribution of women to the police force, the challenges they face and continue to face, and recommend and encourage the women who would like to be part of the force in future.

The introduction of women to the police force contributed to several evident changes.

The first contribution is that women have had an impact in the reinforcement of investigation on issues to deal with sexual harassment, whose victims often turn out to be people of the female sex. This has been facilitated by women understanding the plights associated with such forms of violence. Second is that women did play a role in improving the image of the police through methods of Public relations practices. This aspect has been improved through TV shows and taking programs to schools to show the community that members of the police force are no different from other members of society.

Overall, women officers have helped address the plight of women, particularly young women, children, and wayward girls. Before the introduction of women, men found it a challenge to deal with these groups due to the emotions that accompanied different scenarios. Therefore, these issues have been well addressed by women.

It is important to acknowledge that indeed women face several challenges, atrocities as well as indignities ranging from ethnic and gender discrimination, sexual harassment from their fellow male officers as well as violent publics, prejudices related to one’s sexual orientation, male chauvinism which portrays the male as superior among other challenges. Overall, is the fact that there have been complaints from the wives of male officers. Their grievance is that they are uncomfortable with their husbands spending 8 hours a day in patrol cars with female officers. A number of these challenges are however being addressed.

Women, for their contribution to improving service delivery in the police force, should be encouraged to join the forces in more numbers. Every citizen wants quality services. When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, they should keep in mind that what can only be achieved is gender equity at least for this moment.

Women police have improved service delivery in the force, particularly when dealing with members of their sexual orientation. However, they have faced several challenges regarding sexual and general harassment. Still, women should be encouraged to join the police force because of the reforms accompanied by their introduction.

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