History Homework

The new Kingdom of Egypt

The new Kingdom of Egypt can also be called the Egyptian Empire. It was between 16th century BC and 11th century BC. It covered 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties in Egypt. It is important in history as it was the period where power was greatly expressed. During this period, powerful attacks saw Egypt extend its territories.

Persian wars were attacks that followed each other in sequence. They were between the Achaemenid Empire in Persia and Greek cities. The battle was between 499 BC and 449 BC. The wars started when King Cyrus defeated Greek, specifically in Ionia in 547 BC. These wars were significant in history as they caused other countries of Asia to be in the battle.

Zeno is a philosopher, who existed in Hellenistic age in ancient Greek. His existence was 333 BC to 264 BC. He was a student of crates; Thebes. He was also a merchant. He was the founder of Stoicism, which he developed in 308 BC. He is important in history as he developed that philosophy and schools. His philosophy, stoicism, had it that passion altered and changed the truth.

Julius Caesar was a famous dictator in ancient Rome. He was there in history, between 100 BC and 44 BC. He is important in history as he extended the Roman Empire and made himself a dictator. He is also important as he affected the fall of the Roman Republic, and the birth of Roman Empire. He had much power, which no one in his time had his match, which rendered him great in history.

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