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Thesis Statement: Playing Lottery is not a brilliant idea.


Anyone would acknowledge that money is one of the most sought-after things in the world. This is perfectly understandable since everyone needs money for his or her survival. Of course, there will be variations in the reasons and amounts different people have for looking for money. As much as there is uniformity as to the need to fulfill the fundamental needs of food, house, and clothing, some people go overboard and look for money to fulfill other luxuries. Whatever the reason, everybody needs money and is always looking for ways of increasing the amounts in his or her possession. While many people go for the conventional methods of acquiring money, others see it fit to use the nonconventional methods such as gambling. Gambling or lotteries, also known as the games of luck, have recently become extremely popular. This is especially because of the promise that it comes with regarding getting instantly rich. Many people invest vast amounts of money trying to chase luck in lotteries. Most of these people are buoyed by not only the prospects of getting rich quickly, but also the stories that they hear of people becoming rich from the lotteries. However, questions arise as to whether playing a lottery is a brilliant idea.

Thesis Statement: Playing Lottery is not a brilliant idea.

As much as playing lottery comes with the prospect of wining large sums of money, I do not think that it is a brilliant idea. I am of the opinion that the odds of winning gambling games or lotteries are higher than the chances that an individual will win.

First, it is worth noting that an individual is highly unlikely to hit the fat jackpot. Even in cases where some numbers crop up in an individual’s lottery ticket, and he, or she wins a minute cash prize, the person would most probably have been in a better position if he had not participated that if he is in at the time. It is noteworthy that if the individual had put the funds that he would otherwise have spent on the lottery in a piggybank or a jar, then the individual would have saved himself quite an enormous amount of money within a certain period. Unfortunately, this thought does not cross one’s mind when he or she is purchasing the lottery ticket. What an individual thinks is that, it is not expensive to play the lottery and that there is a high likelihood or probability that he or she will win some millions. If one wins a massive cash prize, he or she would never need to struggle again or even be worried as to how he will settle the bills. All that there would be is a life of luxury in which he would enjoy his money. The fantasy world that an individual creates for himself clogs his mind and blinds him from seeing the reality surrounding the situation.

In addition, gambling or playing lotteries comes with an element of addition. When an individual starts playing the lotteries, it becomes extremely difficult to quit playing. This is especially when there are stories of ordinary people who are lucky enough to have won enormous sums of money in the lottery. An individual is more predestined to believe that if the ordinary people can win enormous amounts of money in the lotteries, then he can win too. In essence, an individual tells himself that if he continues playing the lottery, his numbers will come up eventually. Once an individual has this mindset, it is an extremely herculean task to quit playing, which is what the organizers would like since it keeps an individual coming back. An individual believes that, if he uses regular numbers every week, then the week that he does not play will most likely be the week when his numbers come up. What many people do not realize is that lotteries are there as money-making ventures for the organizers and not people-enriching undertakings. In essence, the chances of winning are kept as low as possible to ensure that the organizers not only recoup their expenses but also make a tidy profit. In essence, not only would an individual be working against the high number of people that sign up for lotteries but also the stringent measures that are incorporated to ensure that the chances of winning are as low as possible and enhance the profits of the venture. Unfortunately, many people like the fantasy world where they would not be required to work ever again and have everything, material or otherwise,  at their disposal. However, life does not seem to work in that manner. People have to work to sustain their every need in life. It is noteworthy, of course, that there exists a few people who are sufficiently lucky as  to be born in rich families or to win fortunes in the lotteries. However, these people are far between and extremely few compared to the people who try their luck in lotteries. An individual has higher chances of attaining wealth by working hard than by participating in the lotteries.

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