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Thy Kingdom Come: Dominion Mandate

Thy Kingdom Come. Dominion Mandate

Week 1. Disciples of All Nations


APA Requirement:  All written papers are required to comply with APA citation standards, you can find more about APA citation resources here:

Reading: 1. The Next Christendom: Chapters 1-3.

Video: Dr. Philip Jenkins speaking – 1

Discussion Forum:

Discuss the questions below:

1. What do you think the future trends for Christianity will be globally? From your understanding, comment on how the “Global South” will be a part of this trend.

2. What is the benefit of looking at Christianity from a global perspective? Have you believed in the “Myth Of Western Christianity” (p.22)? How did the reading influence and/or change your perspectives on Christianity and its future?

3. What are some of your takeaways from reading about the Pentecostal revival movement on pages 79-100? 

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