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Topic: the picture of Dorian Gray.

Topic: the picture of Dorian Gray.

The novel, written by Oscar Wilde, is about a young man Dorian Gray a subject of Basil Hallward; the artist found Dorian’s beauty to be a new mode for his artistic work. Dorian was a young man who viewed and idolized his self-image that he sold his soul to ensure that the portrait that Basil drew of him would age rather than him (Wilde 1992).

The interesting things about this book are the extremes Dorian went in the name of preserving his image. It displays the sins and bad things he did, and how his portrait grew older as the number of hideous acts increased which is rather an illusion.

The book offers moral knowledge through the revealing, if viewed metaphorically or if reflected to society, the things people selfishly do to satisfy their own desires. The book also reveals ignorance and neglecting of personal responsibilities and blaming ones mistakes on other parties. The book is a psychological horror comic in the form of endless paradoxes.

The book has rich writing skills with interesting turn of events that are both a source of entertainment to the reader. At first after reading the book, one does not clearly understand what the book is about but with time you get to learn the moral importance of the text. In the end of the text, Dorian who feels guilty for all the evil self centred acts he has committed, he thinks through stabbing of the picture his sins will be gone only to die.

Through trying to hide or push away ones sins is not the way to deal with ones wrongs.

Wilde, O. (1992). The picture of Dorian Gray (1992 Modern Library ed.). New York: Modern Library.

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