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Vitamin Interview

Vitamin Interview

Vitamin Interview

Welcome to the Body Company. You are applying for a job with us as a vitamin.

  • Please describe (in an interview) 3 roles (functions) you can play for the body company and which other nutrients you work best with.
  • Include in the description what will happen when there is too much of you (toxicity) or not enough (deficiency) as well as the 3 best places to get you (food sources).
  • You can find your name on the table below for the vitamin that you have been assigned.  VITAMIN B1



Calculating Daily Values 

Throughout this course, we are encouraged to include a variety of food in our diet. One reason is that some foods are better sources than others for specific nutrients. No particular food or food group can supply 100% of our daily requirement. It can be difficult to memorize the required amount in each vitamin. Luckily, the US government developed the %DV to guide us in our food choices. The FDA suggests we use the 5/20 Rule when choosing foods.

  • 5% DV or less of a nutrient per serving is considered a low source of that nutrient
  • 20% DV or more of a nutrient per serving is considered a high source of that nutrient
  • Above 5%DV and Below 20% DV, indicate moderate

Reference: FDA Food Label FactsLinks to an external site.

Download the Calculating Daily Values worksheet

Actions and attach the completed worksheet with the requested information as part of your post. You will need:

  • Your textbook
  • A calculator for %DV calculation. Hint: %DV = Amount/Daily Value X 100
  • Your 3-Day Average report from Module 2. Refer to the Intake Spreadsheet Section for Day 1 Only
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