Essay Writing

Western Intellectual

Choose one of the topics listed below. It is fine if, in the end, others in your group write about the same topic, but your paragraphs should look like separate research efforts–you do the initial research and writing yourself, not in the group.

The Medieval Period in Europe (1100-1400)



Trades and Daily Work

Apprenticeships and Guilds

Classes in Society

Spend some time researching this topic, to get a sense of what people experienced in these “daily” items. You may find you have to concentrate on one specific country or group of people (like the Vikings, the French, the English) to limit your topic. Your goal is to give a snapshot of what this topic would have looked/felt/seemed to real people.

Write up your findings in a paragraph or two, around 500 words. DO include a cited source. List your cited source at the bottom of the page. You may use APA, MLA or Chicago citation format.

· Try to avoid web sources that do not have an author name (like Wikipedia)

· Definitely avoid copying and pasting—practice re-wording your findings in a way that makes sense to you.

· Be sure you’ve used good spelling and grammar for your writing.

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