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Which one specific ethics code addressing boundaries do you feel is important to be included in the standards? Why?

Which one specific ethics code addressing boundaries do you feel is important to be included in the standards? Why?

 In ACA standards for school counselors, section A. 15. Technical and Digital Citizenship it states, “Understand challenges with confidentiality when using email and establish protocols and boundaries for responding to emails “(, 2022). This is an important code on boundaries because it discusses confidentiality with students and the importance of boundaries. Nowadays with technology, students have easier access to students through email or messaging through google classroom sites. There have been many stories of teacher/student relationships that blur these boundaries and waver on an unethical line. It is important as a counselor when reaching out to students through emails and responding that we keep it very professional, share any responses of students that may be inappropriate to admin, and keep student confidentiality unless the message shows harm and serious problems that need to be mandated and reported. Social media is another great example of setting boundaries. Social media allows counselors to humanize the profession, educate others about mental health, and connect people with the resources and services they need. According to counseling today, “counselors have an opportunity to use social media platforms to offset misinformation and educate others on mental health” (Counseling Today, 2022). School counseling is a specialization in which a gap is bridged between students and their families to help facilitate student achievement, improve behaviors and attendance, and help students with social and emotional regulations. Through tools such as social media counselors can help advocate for student’s and keep parents informed. Social media needs to be supported by multiple people such as counselor, admin, and a teacher to have more eyes on what’s being posted, how people and responding, and when comments or questions come in, giving appropriate responses, boundaries for successful use without crossing lines, forming inappropriate relationships and have multiple eyes on content and problems that could arise. Having support systems is important.

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