Writing a Capstone Project

A capstone project is an academic assignment that culminates in how it is completed and is usually administered to the students in their final year or towards the end of an academic year. The project is specifically meant to ensure that students have mastered the concepts taught and can critically use them in solving practical problems. A capstone project can take various forms where it can either be a paper or even a presentation depending on the specifications given by the instructor. A capstone project compares well with a thesis, although it requires more critical thinking and detailed analysis to demonstrate the concepts taught. A capstone project is administered in the final class of study at the university level. It can serve as an employment portfolio to show how well a student has mastered the intended concepts. When writing a capstone project, students must use a selected topic or a social issue and then find information related to it, analyze it, and present it using an academic tone. After selecting a preferred topic for a capstone project, it is required that a literature review is carried out to obtain available background information and make sure that the sources used are captured. A literature review also allows students to identify the available information gaps they should consider pursuing later in their academic life. Students must be creative in how they involve fact-finding in a capstone project such that comprehensive research is involved. Interviews and surveys can be used in some cases to ensure that first-hand information about a selected topic is obtained and used when making the final submission. The findings are presented as a form of defense when writing a capstone, and it is good that the most convincing presentation methods are utilized.

Nursing Capstone Project Help

The one question we present to our new clients with assignments with the term “capstone” is whether they’re finishing their education.

Capstone Project Help
Capstone Project Help

With this question, we respond that the nursing capstone project is the summation of what you’ve learned through the nursing course. In particular, nursing capstone projects seek to determine whether you can apply the various nursing concepts, ideas, and theories to nursing practice or real-life nursing problems.

A nursing capstone project can be one of the exciting moments of life, primarily because you are transitioning from studenthood to a practical-laden career. However, producing a perfect capstone project can be daunting.

We’ve had firsthand encounters with hundreds of nursing students who have difficulty choosing a researchable, doable, and relevant topic for their nursing capstone projects. This phenomenon explains why we’ve compiled a list of common nursing capstone project research areas.

Writing a spending and top-grade nursing capstone project involves intensive research, open-mindedness, and the ability to integrate the information learned in typical nursing class settings and personal experiences with nursing practice.

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Below encompasses several general nursing capstone project subjects, topics, and ideas to familiarize yourself with. While you may not necessarily have to work on one of them, it’s important to appreciate the dimensions or approaches capstone projects follow. As we stated earlier, these nursing projects seek to see whether you’re well-positioned to demonstrate the practicality of what you’ve learned.

Thus, browse to see if one of these suggestions may be suitable for your upcoming nursing capstone project.

  1. How to Successfully Transition from Being Student Nurse to A Registered Nurse (RN)
  2. The Significance of Health History to Patient-Centered Care (PCC)
  3. The Relationship between Preventative Care and Enhance Patient Outcomes.
  4. The Impact of Macro Trends on the Your Country’s Healthcare
  5. The Relationship between the Patient’s Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Care Level.
  6. How Ethical Practices Influence Nursing Practice
  7. How to Manage Stress Among Nurses
  8. What are the Best Qualities/Attributes of Nurse Leader
  9. How Can All Stakeholders Contribute to Affordable Health Care for All
  10. The Connection between Leadership and Motivation in Healthcare Service Providers (HCSPs)

Online Nursing Class Help

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Sample Capstone Project

Writing a Capstone Project: Popeyes Sixth Store in Jersey City


Expanding to a new location is a business activity that requires a lot of forethought and research to ensure high chances of success. The location and site selection of the new branch highly affects the sales volume in a big way. A well-thought site selection should ensure that the site is heavily trafficked, highly visible and easily accessible to the customers (Kimelberg & Williams, 2013). Considering the new location’s proximity to other competing businesses is crucial since it can cause hindrance or success of the business. Expanding to a new location is time-consuming and costly. It is important to consider whether the new location provides the business with growth opportunities or a spike in demand (Kimelberg & Williams, 2013). The perfect location is different for every business. It is important to consider all the vital elements that would help beat the odds and ensure the business’s future success.   Popeye’s chicken is planning to open a sixth location in Jersey City and has to find the location that will support the success and growth of the business.


Popeye is a fried chicken and fast food restaurant established in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The multinational chain restaurant has over 2500 restaurants in the 47 American states and 27 countries (Smith, 2016). It offers a wide range of products, including fried chicken with different flavours, Cajun cuisine, seafood, vegetables and biscuits. Popeyes is the second-largest chicken restaurant group after KFC (Janofsky, 2018). You can order food online and have it delivered to your destination on a timely basis. Popeyes Menu is one of the most highly rated as it provides chicken with unique and spicy flavors such as Cajun fries, beans and rice, mashed potatoes, cheese, coleslaw and macaroni. The restaurant has a distinctive red and yellow color scheme.

Popeyes is very innovative and creative, which has enabled it to overcome rivals with a mix of upscale marketing and greasy comfort food that customers cannot resist. While other fast-food restaurants have been losing their customers, Popeyes has been recording sales and stores growth by opening more stores every year in different locations. The secret recipe behind Popeyes success is making chicken an upscale product through unique and spicy flavors (Janofsky, 2018). The restaurant’s operating profits have been steady at 22% since 2014 while free-standing restaurants’ average sales stand at about $ 2 million a year (Smith, 2016). Popeyes five locations in Jersey City have been doing well, and it is planning to open another store in the city. Other stores are located at Hudson Mall, 924 Bergen Ave., Newport Center Mall, 237 Monmouth St., and 125 18th St.

Statement of the Opportunity

Working directly with the franchisees of Popeye’s Chicken for over four years, I have had the privilege of handling their five stores and being quite extensively involved with their business decisions. After many years of successful operations of all five stores, we have decided to expand and open up the sixth location. With this project, I will be assessing potential locations to find the right environment to open up another Popeye’s store.

End State Goals

The “End state goal” is selecting the right location for Popeyes 6th store in Jersey City. The location should be consistent with the elegant style of the Popeye stores in the sense that the environment is attractive and healthy to operate. The other goal is to ensure that the demographic of the location matches Popeye’s customer profile to ensure that the business will make sales of more than $ 5 million in the first year. The other goal is to ensure that the location supports high foot traffic and a volume of pedestrians to support a high customer base of more than 1000 people per day and ensure visibility of the business to its customers. The other goal is to ensure that the location is accessible and has adequate parking space to support an adequate flow of customers to the business.

Additionally, it is also a goal to ensure that the competitors in the business location do not make it tougher for the business to operate and ensure a customer base of 1000 people per day. The end state goal is to ensure that the available competition is low and does not make it for the business to thrive in the environment. It is also an end-state goal to ensure that the location has other businesses and services such as companies and offices to generate traffic and make Popeye their new meal destination within four months.


  • It is an assumption that Popeyes knows how much to expect from the employees to scale the business’s fortunes in the new location.
  • It is also assumed that the industry experience of Popeyes in  Jersey city will serve an important role in driving the company forward.
  • It is also assumed that the economic conditions will remain the same in the new location to ensure the projected outcomes do not fall short of the plan.
  • It is also assumed that Popeyes has the financial capability to participate in establishing a strong presence in the new location.


Expanding a business to a new location is a demanding activity as one has to consider all relevant factors that would make the location suitable or unsuitable for the business. The end state goal of this assignment is to select the right location for Popeyes 6th store in Jersey City. Effective location selection involves considering important determinants such as competition, traffic, accessibility, visibility and the involved costs.


Janofsky, A. (2018). Fast-Food Franchises Get Creative When They Go Abroad. The Wall Street Journal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fast-food-franchises-get-creative-when-they-go-abroad-1432318075

Kimelberg, S. M., & Williams, E. (2013). Evaluating the importance of business location factors: The influence of facility type. Growth and Change44(1), 92-117.

Smith, P. (2016). How Popeyes Clawed Its Way to Chicken Elite. QSR Magazine. retrieved from https://www.qsrmagazine.com/growth/how-popeyes-clawed-its-way-chicken-elite