Writing a Course Work

As stated earlier, starting your first assignments may be challenging, sending many students into panic mode. Despite this challenge, don’t panic because coursework has got you covered. While the teacher will provide directions on handling an assignment, coursework comes in handy because it goes a long way in simplifying the new information. You may ask how it achieves this critical role. Coursework goes a long way in encouraging independent study among students.

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While other academic papers are primarily done in exams, coursework comprises various works or tasks a student does during their study. In this sense, the various coursework projects combine dissertations, essays, memos, or research papers. As ensembles of several assignments, the course works counts towards the final grade.

Given they come they are assigned in bits, you are guaranteed to spend relatively little time writing your coursework essays and related projects than on typical term papers. By contrast, they are more demanding and time-consuming than ordinary essays because the student must put in additional effort. It is also important to note that course assumes different forms since they depend on your discipline.

GCSE is a typical coursework example because it evaluates the students’ skills, experiences, and knowledge to identify their final grades. These assignments allow students to wear a detective hat by observing, examining, and evaluating selected topics using dependable and credible sources.

Research remains a critical aspect of any coursework project. In this regard, active participation in school class prepares you adequately for your coursework. The instructor’s input provides much-needed insight into what should be covered in given coursework. This information becomes helpful when you select primary and secondary sources for your projects throughout the course. Concisely, coursework positively impacts your research skills, material organization, and overall academic achievement.  

How to do a Coursework

You cannot go through a college education without completing your coursework. Many students are usually unsure of what to do when they begin their coursework. However, there is no need for the students to panic. The coursework is created to help students acquire the information they need to understand their studies. In addition, it has been designed and set in a manner that the students can understand. Students should also know that coursework is aimed at sharpening the research skills of learners and helping them to become independent when doing their work. The course works usually takes different forms depending on the subject in question. However, the approach students can use when dealing with the coursework can be the same. In addition, students can use the same approach to come up with excellent coursework papers at diverse stages of their education.

Completing coursework should now be a complex process for students. You need to start by understanding the objective of the coursework. Please do not fall into the temptation of starting work without understanding the assignment’s question and objective. Once you are done, spend time researching the assignment. You can get information from various sources, including government reports, journal articles, and academic books. Make sure you stick to the requirements when it comes to the kind of sources to be used. After researching the subject, plan your report or essay carefully. The report needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Please avoid plagiarism in your work as it leads to instant disqualification and loss of marks (you can learn more about plagiarism here). After completing your work, review it carefully and edit where necessary. Make sure that you meet all the requirements for the course before you submit the assignment.

Write My Coursework

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As the name suggests, coursework can be daunting because it requires college students to engage in extensive research. At the same time, university coursework assignments test your academic writing skills, problem-solving abilities, and practical experiences. You’re more likely to spend more time doing your coursework than typical college papers, such as compare and contrast essays, term papers, book summaries, personal statements, reflective essays, research papers, case studies, discussions, book reports, reflective journals, book reviews, and responses. 

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Example of a Course Work Assignment


Business organizations are increasingly investing in best employment practices to attract and retain new and current employees, respectively. A firm’s employee retention levels define its competitive edge in the market because poor talents and high turnover rates undermine performance and the overall profitability of the company. According to Osborne and Hammoud (2017), disengaged employees cause an annual loss of up to $350 billion in U.S. corporations. This explains why firms employ wide-ranging strategies to appeal to potential and current employees. In this context, the main method through which individual companies achieve a good employer status is building a strong brand because the strategy defines a firm’s organizational culture, mission, vision, as well as social and personality values.

Available literature has shown that the role played by the various organizational-level factors, not individualistic characteristics, serve as the leading predictors of turnover rates in firms (Kashyap & Verma, 2018). In essence, an employee’s intention to leave an organization is shaped by either higher or lower perceived value in the employer brand. For instance, a firm that invests in employee engagement, empowerment, and has a unique organizational culture, is most likely to attract highly skilled employees and retain current ones. Most importantly, higher retention rates and talented employees are prerequisites for cost reduction, high performance, and an improved competitive advantage (Osborne & Hammoud, 2017). Concisely, developing a positive employer brand allows a for-profit organization to enhance talent management and retain a satisfied and motivated workforce in the long run.

Other components of a well-developed employer brand include rewards and recognition and building a strong leader-employee bond. In particular, De Roeck and Farooq (2018) firmly believe that successful business organizations firms appeal to potential and current employees through consistency between ethical leadership and practices and the various perceptions employees have about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Socially responsible firms prioritize their employees’ safety, health, and economic well-being, while at the same time, driving innovation and green practices to serve society and protect the environment, respectively. Employees tend to identify with companies that promote CSR initiatives, especially those that make their workplace safe, service-oriented, and rewarding.


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